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  1. Toyota Avensis II 2,0D, 2,2D, 2,4D, 2,2i D Cat Toyota Avensis III 2009.01 - Toyota Avensis Verso Toyota rav 4 Toyota Verso/corolla Toyota Auris all
  2. also on 17 or 16.... better with 16 " tyres as they are a lot cheaper and are a easy size to get.. 17 should be 215/45/17 and like me 18" are 225/40/18. make sure you get the right tyres for the car. they need to be at least 91 and or extra load and the speed is ( t or v ) anything under can cause problems. had a car in with 85 instead of 92 and it had a big bubble on the inside tyre wall from over weight .. the size of a banana.....wheels you can get steel ones from toyota if you dont have. auris avensis and verso all fit as well as some older avensis and camery but 16" is the smallest you can go
  3. well today i put my new winter wheels and tyres on as i have a puncher in one of my summer ones. not bad grip and felt good on the drive home.... :) think after 4 years of driving the lexus in snow and ice in sweden and never crashed it once.... winter tyres make sence for sure
  4. you have the normal latch system like on any car door/boot. sounds like you have got a car that has had it's locks changed and they missed the boot lock and the key is not programed for the boot open. check first the lock. open the boot and remove the cover from the boot lid. think its 10 small plastic clips. you will need to remove the plastic covers from the hindges first. then you can check thé lock and see if it looks like it's been changed. but i dont think so. think it's the barrels and door keys that have been changed
  5. well i just mounted my new winter wheels and tyres for the snow. i live in sweden and work in a tyre shop so....... i took adavantage of a promotion offered from goodyear for mine this year. i will be running 225/40/18 goodyear proformance 8 studless tyres with magnizuim wheels. hope they give me better grip than the continetial cvc5 i used last year. they were greay in the snow but the traction light came on all the time when i powered up the 280 bhp on the back wheels in the dry.
  6. yes they are good in europe.... ie uk and they have the marks on them for that reason. i think you will find like i did that they fit ok but are tight to get into place. i had to let the bumper be lose so i could get them in. i think there is one tab thats out of place on some of the older cars but mine was ok..... 2004 car
  7. i have them. first they go to adjust both ways. but the units have a hid ballest in the bottom. if your car does not have oem hids to remove the ballests from then you will need to get some. these are what you will need to get them working. and the last thing to know is the 3 small leds at the bottom do not last. mine went after 1 month and i only have one working. but they have come out with so others now hope that it helps
  8. there are the same but one has a shorter wire conector. not sure of the part number but toyota or lexus will help you with that. there are a few on ebay
  9. it's the white and brown rings that are the bulb holders and you give them a quarter turn and they pop out
  10. the bulbs are called grain of wheat bulbs and you just need to undo the lamp contact and just wrap the new bulb around the lamp holder. easy job and takes 2 minutes a switch
  11. you dont have any family here in sweden then. you could use there address to keep it. there are plenty of other cars out here if you want and a respray would be cheaper in sweden than norway. plus a left hand drive car. or a company that can do a full body wrap, we have a couple at work. any way hope you find the car your looking for.
  12. and some very cool colours that you dont see very often.... rust orange and yellow but not the right year your after
  14. i think there are a few here in sweden that are cheap and easy to get hold of. check out and see whats about
  15. yes i have one on my car but have to remove it in the winter as it's to cold to use when it's -20 but is very nice to have and fits well
  16. go through the fuses and unplug 1 a night to see if you can locate the drain. thy the radio and other things first like heated seats and windows / mirrors. you might be able to find out what it is draining the battery.
  17. or you will want the sportscross but just so you know there is no after market body kits for them
  18. try lexus to order a matching key, if it was fitted as stock then they will have it listed with the right number. if not then down to your local garage and see if they can remove it
  19. nor does my lhd 2004 se have one. i think lhd cars were fitted out without the amp
  20. there are special tools for this. go down to the local tyre place and ask them first. if not drill them a little bit smaller than a phillips screwdriver you have and while they are still hot from the drilling smash in the screwdriver with a hammer and try to remove them that way. if you have a screwdriver with a spanner grip then this is very good. you will need to drill into them 8-10 mm. remember you have the pin bult behind there and dont want to drill into that. and toyota oem ones fit as they are the same for all alloy wheels
  21. most have been removed for reasons. so there are not that many project cars on here anymore.
  22. go to your local tyre shop. and see if they have some tools to remove them, i work in a tyre shop and we do this all the time. hammer them onto the nut and undo them, takes five minutes a nut. if not then you can try to weld on a nut and remove them that way or the chissel and hammer if they are not to tight or on ebay
  23. i think it's time for the uk to start thinking about winter tyres as this is so much safer. in sweden we do this every year and is a must. :)
  24. i belive they run down the inside of the C pillar behind the rear seats and come out in the boot somewere, i dont have a sunroof but i've heard of this problem before. i think some one will be on later to answer this for you i hope.
  25. do you have a sunroof. i believe there is a water run off pipe that comes down that way. it could be that thats blocked and letting water in
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