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Suggestions On Main Gauges Needed For Supercharged Is200?

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What do aftermarket gauges tell you?

hey guys,

i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what

Exhaust temp

Fuel pressure

and Fuel/Air Ratio

readings can tell you about your car's performance.

do we need them all?

for example if your exhaust temp is running hot or cold isn't that telling you that your running lean or rich. ideally what the F/A ratio gauge would tell you?

which two gauges (apart from oil temp/pressure and water temp) would you guys recommend for a supercharged vehicle?

Thanks for the help

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Sorry for the missing introduction, but i'm from the german LOC!

In December i built my own Gaugepod and added EGT, Boost and Oil Temp!

But now i want to read out the values with a notebook, so my DIY Gaugepod is on offer!

I'm not allowed to offer it here on the board because i'm not a gold member,

but you could send me an email for details! I will sell it complete with the

52mm gauges, but if you only need the gaugepod, maybe i will offer it extra.

Here are the pics my my pod:

For high resolution pics, please feel free to contact me via mail -!


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