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Hi and welcome to the forum. I can't help you with your request myself but you may get a better response if you post the question in the IS220d forum rather than here as this is the place for the Previous IS models. :winky:



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hi, kinda newish myself.. welcome anyway,

i have a 220d myself and its fantastic to drive, the only thiung i can fault is the Gearbox, its not faulty like as in it dont work n hat, but more like its noisy when changing in low gears.. make a kinda clonk noise.. at 1st i was worried but Lexus dealers said "we're not proud off it but its like that" and we will rectify the problem in the future

other wise it superb... i have had BM's and Merc's, but u just cant beat the drive of a Lexus.

personally i would go for a 177bhp, unless u dont care about power.. then go for the new 2010/11 IS200 (its a 2.2 diesel but with 150bhp) :tsktsk:

Lexus said we're going for better economy and smoother drive... can u imaging u bought a F Sport that look 10x better than a BMW M Sport and had a poxy 150bhp.. personally i think they messed up and gave BMW that extra lead again.

but the 220d is a good choice.. get the one with all the toys (multimedia spec), trust me when i say ur mates face(s) will drop when they see all the boys toys.

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