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Hello .... New Member, Wants A New Motor


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I'm not yet a Lexus owner, but have signed up in hope and expectation, and because I think owners' club forums are a brilliant source of good advice.

Brief background - I'm an car enthusiast, and have owned a variety of vehicles over the years from a Bedford van (don't ask!) to a couple of Peugeot 504s, Pontiac Firebird, Honda Accord, Reliant Scimitar, Dodge Intrepid, Range Rover... and lots more. Quite a few of these have been while living and working overseas in various parts of the world.

Now settled back in the UK, I have over the years acquired a couple of collectables, if not classics (Matra Murena, Pontiac Fiero). Daily drive is an ageing LHD Jeep Cherokee brought back from abroad, and my luxury for long journeys is a Merc 560 SEC, also an LHD import. So perhaps I don't fit the profile of the typical Lexus owner?

Anyhow, there is now a questionmark over either the Merc (I don't use it enough) or the Jeep (it's getting tired). I think I want to ease back into UK-spec, RHD models, and I want something for day-to-day use that is good to drive, well-put-together, and a bit interesting.

So - I'm looking to get a decent IS 300. Ideally under 100k miles, and not too early a model, properly cared for, no droopy dangly bits, and without a yard-long list of previous owners. One practical problem - I live in northern Scotland, so even dealer-stocks are thin on the ground. Indeed it seems that the IS 200/300 is now almost too old a model to be a significant part of dealers p/x stock, so sourcing cars with proper history is now more of a lottery. And that's why I've joined the LOC and its forums. I think I'll post on the IS 200/300 forum and see what happens!

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Welcome :)

I was on the look out for an IS300 before I decided to go for the newer Is. There are some around but low miler minters are very hard to find, even for me in London. I found quite a few in the midlands when I was looking though.

Here's the best example I found on my travels. You could always fly to London quite cheaply, I guess there might always be a certain amount of travel involved - I had to get a train to Cheshire to get mine!

Good luck with your hunt.

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Thanks for the welcome. I've just been looking at some of the tech threads to learn about "things to look out for" if I'm going to buy an IS300. Have just posted in IS200/300 forum about cambelt-change for the 300 engine. Any wise words from those who know would be appreciated!

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