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Minor Help Needed On Small Issues.

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Im really new to Lexus,but in my 2 years i had quite a few cars :) (about 10) :D

I bought a IS200SE 2 weeks ago,changed the Battery,rear break pads, and passed MOT, already did 650 miles in it :o

Few issues which i need advice on:

1st I have the master 3 button key ,plug it in the security light goes off streight away, but the buttons on the key dont work and the light does not blink on it, so i guess the Battery is out? possible to replace? The key looks sealed.

2nd Any repair manual? all i need to know- location of oil filter (heard its far away),how to remove timing belt cover.

3rd- rear tailights, possible to undo the glass and paint the chrome black? i want to make angel eye conversion and paint the headlights black so i want the taillights and fogl. to match.

4th I bought it because its RWD, so i want to have fun some times, but my rear tyres are 245/40/R17 and its not really tail happy, and since its a SE it does not have LSD.. how is it on 205 tyres? or should i get a LSD from the sports model (will TSC work? easy to install?)

Othervise its a really special car... had lots of hondas,bmw,peugeot,alfa romeo,renault,mazda and only one car was close to be as fun as this, the alfa 156 because of the similar steering feel, but in other things this car is just in its own league :)

Thank you to all who will be able to answer all my questions.

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The key probably will be the Battery, I replaced mine when I bought it, just remove the philips screw and it splits in two. Then you can remove the fob which if I remember correctly there are two crews holding the Battery cover on.

The tyres should be 215 45 17, not 245s.

I have fitted a lsd from the sport to my se doesn't have anything to do with the tsc as its a proper mechinical lsd not like bmws "elsd" and the final drive ratio is the same just make sure you dont interchange between manual and auto. Ie if u have a manual get a lsd from a manual.

I did my service on the ramp but if ur working on the floor i think putting on right hand lock and lying on the floor behind the ns wheel should allow u to get to the oil filter. U can access the filter and drain plug without removing the undertray which is useful if u dont have a ramp.

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