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220D Whine/whistle Noise From Engine

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Hi all

My 2008 220d has started making a whistle/whine type noise from the engine which matches the engine speed (not the road speed or anything else). It is not audible with the windows up but with them open it is fairly loud and definitely not the normal turbo sound. Any ideas what this could be? I've not owned the car long, and it has only recently started. No error lights on dash or performance loss, just an annoying (and slightly worrying) noise! 42k on the clock if that makes any difference...

I've had a listen under the bonnet but can't pinpoint where it is coming from - too hard to hear anything really with the diesel engine running!!

Appreciate any help/advice or pointers on where to start looking



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You need to open up the engine bay and have a good look/listen. The usual suspects are belt driven - alternator, water pump, power steering, air conditioning & belt tensioner. Likely course of action would be to replace the problematic part. Any local garage should be able to do the diagnosis in a few minutes if you don't fancy it yourself. Worst case scenario you have something wrong inside the engine, best case your oil is low.

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Thanks Dean. I took my belt out all together and I start the engine for few minutes without and still make the noise. Is really annoying as is go up in pitch with the engine speed, revs. Car is a 220d from 2006.

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