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Mods ?

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I have had my is200 now for almost a year and put almost 18k faultless miles on it (lot of petrol money in it as well!!) I would like to start to mod it a bit - i got the car as i had always liked them and after seeing what can be done to them i would like to give it a go in "modding" it a bit.

It is mechanically sound - had the belts changed / serviced etc and i am wondering whats the best thing to start with.

I added a K&N lifetime oiled filter last year when i got it, the direct replacement type and that made a hell of a difference in drive (it is an automatic)

An upper strut brace has been fitted and again i can feel the difference when cornering. I would like to get stuck into the car and get some things done to it but dont know where to start - anyone point me in the right direction?

I am thinking the body (wheels / body kit should be done last?) The car is in silver (Kodiak Sky)

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Have a look for ormi's project thread, or stav's - 2 of the most modified IS200s on here, and you can see how they went about it...

But modding is pretty individual, so where to start is different for everyone. For mine, it was because I had a wee bump and dented the standard front bumper. Found a TTE front bumper to replace it with, which was followed by a bunch of other stuff, including uprated ARBs, aftermarket stereo, TRD Side & Rear Skirts, 18" wheels, stainless steel dials and a bunch of other stuff...

Slippery slope modifying a car - ormi's thread is titled "the car I said I would keep standard" - should help you find it...

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