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Whats Wrong Leeds


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moving from Fife (post code KY16) to Leeds (LS6)

insurnace of IS220d goes from £400 to £800 a year

insurance of my wifes nissan micra goes from £450 to £1000

whats wrong leeds???

at this rate I may sell the lex and buy an electric scooter :)

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The crime figures for the area which insurance companies refer to when deciding risk and therefore premiums are above average for motor vehicle thefts and contents thefts in the LS6 area.

Welcome to Leeds! :whistling:

Looking at the burglary figure it is almost double the average rate so expect your home insurance to make a significant jump also.I know it's still commonplace in remote parts of Scotland to leave your doors unlocked but it's not recommended in Leeds!

I think I would have stayed in Fife.

Police Force

West Yorkshire, Leeds



Number of households


Offence Total Locally Per 1000 Population

Locally Nationally

Robbery 1313 1.82 1.85

Theft of a motor vehicle 3773 5.24 (actual) 4.04 (UK average)

Theft from a motor vehicle 8628 11.99 (actual) 9.56 (UK average)

Sexual offences 921 1.28 1.17

Violence against a person 15800 21.96 19.97

Burglary 7670 10.66 (Actual) 5.67 (UK average)

In Fife the crime levels appear to be consistantly falling year on year.

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