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Bluetooth Car Kit For Lexus Is220D

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Hi all,

Just bought lexus is220d 2006. Loving the car. Installed Bluetooth car kit (Novero). keep turning on & off. genleman tried all sort of things, help from technical department , changing the screen and then box. nothing is working.

Does anyone else has similar problem. Can any one suggest any suitable car kit or persone who install these kits in south wales?

Pls let me know as i need Bluetooth most of the time and don't want to get fined.

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I had the lexus one which I think is a rebadged parrot. It was usable for "ill be late" type calls but the other person had difficulty hearing me so not great for much more than that. Perhaps the latest parrot is better...

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I've got a Parrot CK3100 fitted in mine, which is pretty much the LCD screen version of the Lexus branded Parrot your stealership would fit for you for double the cost. Was about £180 fitted, and I have no problem with hearing calls, or others hearing me (microphone is located just above rear view mirror)

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