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Serious Problem! Well I Think Anyway


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Evening all,

Ok so i decided to give my engine bay a good clean down yesterday and decided while i was at it to clean the throttle body, it was full of black oily dried in gunk and sorta needed it badly.

I used nothing but a dry cloth, no cleaning products/water etc.

While i was at it, i gave the air filter a quick blast of the hoover, when done i replaced the filter housing, cold air feed and basically put it all back together the way it was in the first place.

Today, i notice the car is a little more responsive and a tad bit better with the petrol! happy days...... so you would think?

Went out to get the paper about an hour ago and when i come out from the shop the car starts up as normal, but then the 'check engine' light and the 'trc' light starts flashing like crazy, and i notice the car is actually alot worse then it originally was!

Its like its chugging, struggling to meet the idle revs, or firing on 5 cylinders?

Ive no idea whats caused the problem, im just hoping it wasnt something ive done, and tbh with the cost of bringing it to a lexus dealer im praying it can be detected or i can be pointed in the right direction as to what i should be looking for?

My mate has a diagnostics machine thingy but wont get a chance to get to me with it for a couple of days so im really stuck!

Please tell me someone here my be able to help :tomato:

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Just check EVERY connection plug, cant see it being anything but a dodgy connection. If I recall there is one right under the throttle body which allways seems to be covered in oil, that would be the one I would be looking at first..

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Cheers dude, had a look over it today and it turned out to be a dodgy coil pack, just happens i have another is200 in the garden for breaking so just changed them over and shes now running like a dream!

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i am in need of 3 coil packs dont suppose you fancy selling any if you have some spare mine gave up today could you please message me or email me on

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my is200 engine missfires, didnt notice the rad leaked while going along, didnt notice water temp go stone cold, engine light and trc light started flashin, pulled over, bonnet up, black / dark smoke was cominf from somewhere? back of engine? ATF from rad? new rad in today, she misssfires like hell, engine light still on. you reckon coil pack? valve? sensor? ( engine was pretty hot)

many thanks


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