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New To Lexus..... Hi Every1


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hi every1 i am new to this forum and have just bought a lexus gs300 se 1998 in black, with black leathers :) fully loaded with sat nav :)

few questions for you more experienced lexus owners.

i have just purchased some gs300 sport 18" alloys but only have 3 center caps. wer the hell can i get a center cap from??? all lexus tell me is "parts discontinued"....

i also want the small boot lip spoiler. wer do i get 1 of them from?? because on ebay they very cheap but all come from taiwan lol

also any regular problems the gs300 develops at around the 100k mark that i should be looking out for please let me know.

cheers everyone barinder

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The centre caps are discontinued, so other than scrap yards and eBay, there are not many options. The last set of four caps I saw on eBay went for pretty high money.

The spoilers from Taiwan are good, I got the roof spoiler and they are great quality with excellent painting, boot lip spoilers I think are the same thing, so should be equally as good.

Nothing really common I can think of, caliper/slide pin seizure is common on all Lexus models pretty much, so keep those slide pins lubed up at every pad change.

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