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Cabin Filters

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I have recently purchased a second hand Lexus and love it.

My only issue is that the AC/heating has a funny stale smell to it.

Can anybody tell me why this may be? Would changing the cabin filter be the resolution?

Many thanks,


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Yep, change the pollen filter, its behind the glovebox.

If the smell is still there, then you might need the help of a/c specialist.

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gotta say, there was a thread about this a week or so ago and as i had the same smell, i brought a £11 can from Halfords, did what it said, and for a week it was great, but the smell is back now, this is after changing panel filter, cabin filter and the can. So im afraid i would say if its stinky, you need a pro to do it

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I had the stinky A/C issue. I removed the cabin filter and put back the tray. Set the vents so that it comes out of everywhere (auto). Turned on the fan full blast with the A/C off. Squirted the deoderiser stuff into the outside air intakes in front of the windscreen. Repeated the squirting twice more. Switch the fan off and fit a replacement cabin filter. Leave for a few minutes to "dry out". Job done. I used the Wynn's stuff by the way.

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