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520 Miles Before Fuel Light :-)

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My first long trip since I bought the IS 200 manual earlier this year and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't going particularly slow or fast, was light on the accelerator and anticipating junctions with a cruise/coast in where possible. I figure every time one presses firmly on the brake pedal it costs some pennies.

My usual drive is a very gentle 10 miles on empty roads (Scottish highlands), but this only yields around 410, so proves that fuel economy is much improved with a warm engine.

I reckon I can make 550 miles before the light on my long journey home. These fuel prices certainly do concentrate the mind!

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This is achievable if you average 34mpg constantly during your drives. and this is how i came to that figure.

a litre of fuel is currently £141.9 and 4.54 litres makes a gallon so 141.9*4.54 = £6.44 for a gallon of fuel.

IS200 takes 70litres to fill the tank so to work out how many gallons 70litres is, we do 70litres/4.54litres = 15.4 gallons in total. so to fill this car will be

£6.44*15.4 = £99

so if you average 34 miles to every gallon will be 34 * 15.4 = 523miles.

So i will say its acheivable but 95% of your journay have to be done at 67mph to acheive this. on a long drive to and from birmingham i get 33mpg using cruise control set at 67mph on motorway so these 6 cylinder engines are not as bad as some people paint them to be.

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I think the fuel light comes on at around 63-64 litres, so I calculate I did close to 37mph. I'd done nearly 560 miles before I refilled! Not sure I could fare as well in an automatic, which is a pity as I'm planning to swap mine for an IS 300 sportcross... just waiting for the right one to come up for sale.

Anyway, it's a very pleasant car for a long journey, lovely sound system, although the old sat nav disk seemed to think I was driving through fields on some occasions. Not sure it justifies an upgrade disk though. An update every 10 years is probably adequate for Britain's roads.

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the automatic in the IS's learn from how the car is driven and all my shifts happens at 2500 or just before 3000rpm it have never changed up a gear above 3000rpm since i have owned it during normal driving which makes it quite an intelligent automatic box but ounce you floor it, it revs really quickly to 6300rpm in each gear. the 3 litre engine is really torqey aswell so it really doesnt need revving to shift the weight of the car and mpg wise is no different to the 2 litre i compared the two before i went for the 3 litre and in my case it would have been £20 more a month to drive the IS300 over the 200 in fuel cost which worked out about £5 more a week so went for 300 for a bit more power when i wanted it...

the sound system is really good aswell nice and clear from the speakers on long drives

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