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Last Days With The Lexus

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So it's almost time to say goodbye to my 2006 IS250 sel auto. Deciding did not come easily but its cost me lots in every way and im not prepared to continue with it. Trading it on Friday! Driving home after the test drive / deal was done I initally thought what have I done! However shortly after that the drivers side of the dash started to squeak loudly and lasted all the way home. (Only the second time its done it like that- it was left in the sun for a bit - which it doesnt like apparently! ) That convinced me it was time for it to go!

Its a real shame really but I wait patiently and excited for the 3rd gen car and suspect its going to be brilliant! Next time I go for an IS it will be a bit newer!

Thanks to members of the forum - its a great site.

Wish me luck with my Fffffford Fffffocus! (never thought I'd ever be sayin that!).

All the best


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All the best mate, fords are good reliable cars had a 1.25 fiesta zetec and run it for 2 years and this thing never broke on me.. also had a 10 yr old Ford Cougar 2.5 V6 for about a year and 8 months and the only major issue it had was alternator but besides that it never broke down and had some guts(performance) aswell. although thay dont have the luxury as a Lex fords are easy cars to live with if maintained well. ST220 is in my books if i decide to go back to ford but am loving IS300 at the mo. :shifty:

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You say "it's a real shame" and it is. The later models seem to have overcome many of the earlier problems or am I just lucky, I'm 6 months short of 3 years ownership and so far not a hiccup.

I will keep a car a long time if I like it and it is reliable, age doesn't bother me. With that attitude I am always suspicious of 2 or 3 year old cars sold by private buyers,I would think most 250's are privately owned, is there something wrong with car?

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Thanks noby76 thats good to know.. Ive gone for the 1.6 ecoboost petrol 150 ps. Officially its almost as fast as the Is250 and tbh it feels faster being a turbo manual. Its more economical its more practical and has not quite as many toys but more than enough. It rides better too and quieter. Thats why I say its a shame. The IS promises much but for 30k it doesnt quite deliver. I loved the car - it feels right when you get in but there's been too many issues which dont crop on cars for half the original price.

@exiled. - I so wanted to have a good experience with the lexus (being an old toyota fan) after choosing over the 3 series, I guess I was and have been unlucky. Wheel allignment probs and tyres wrecked main issue but then rattles and squeaks and mileage related servicing and brakes costs all came in quick succession. (never mind cost of fuel!) Common sense tells me itll only get worse as it ages so i've gone for a newish car with more sensible costs. Hopefully! (will miss the airy cream interior though the focus is very black inside and some pretty nasty plastics here n there)...

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you might have bought the odd IS250 with problems as anything from toyota are of good quality but from some stories i've read about the mark 2 IS makes me think the Mark 1 IS was built better and over engineered than the Mark 2... I think Toyota is trying to go down the merc and bmw route by trying to cut cost to shift more sales which is a shame!! think I might also keep my mark 1 IS300 as long as possible as it looks like they are better built than the Mark 2's ... if you get bored of the ford you can always get a late(2004) Mark 1 IS200/300 as thier engines are really strong and can handle very high miles.

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