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Hi folks

Me again, I must have bought the worst Lexus in the world! 2008 is220d had new engine, cat, turbo etc now on acceleration not all the time but lose power then get a juddering, any ideas I thought maybe injectors?

Cheers all

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IS 220d is very sensitive to the type of fuel and oil used in it. My car even has a red sticker on the inside of the fuel tank lid saying "Low sulphur diesel only". I can't see any other reason to have problems repeating after an engine rebuild. I suppose they changed the injector the first time round as well. What I do to keep my cars in good shape is

1. Put in the best diesel available

2. Have services at 10.000 km (around 6000 miles)

3. Change all filters and clean EGR every time

4. Use ACEA C- grade oil

5. Use the right foot

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Hi, ive had a similar experience. Car juddering from time to time - felt like it was misfiring and id only had the car 3 weeks. Fair to say I wasnt impressed. To add to the difficulty no warning light came on. Took it to lexus and I think the default response is erg valve. This they cleaned but as I went to leave the garage, the car started 'mis-firing'. They plugged it into diagnostic and the result was faulty injector. This has now been changed and the car is running fine, at the moment. Luckily I didnt have to pay the bill on this as it was around £600!

Ive read a lot on this forum and its a great source of information. As much as I love the toys on my new car, I am concerned about the reliability of the diesel engine. A lot of problems appear to come from carbon build up so ive ordered some bk 244 engine cleaner - some great reviews on this stuff so Im hoping this prevent further problems.

I hope you get your problem sorted.

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Are you saying lexus did the job for free.

Luckily iv had nay problems on my 2007 220d.

Its chipped ( trust me theres a diffrence ).

Used bk 244 aswell. Mpg on my 100 mile trip to work at 60mph in cruise control the odd 6th gear and I can get average 47mpg to 50 plus.

Apart from the few car park dings which dent places wount touch because theres possibly slight cracking of paint. Im a happy wee lad with iy. ( mods planned once morgage sorted.

I dont use the car when home due to short journeys I use the wife C4 leob.

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Lexus fix it for free? God no. It was a right PITA getting it fixed but in the end the garage I bought it from ended up footing the bill. Lexus originally quoted over £1500 to replace 3 injectors. In the end only one needed changing. I hate to think how many customers have fallen fowl to Lexus' replace with new parts policy. Originally tried to get it fixed through a warranty company who said they'd fix it but quite clearly when they received the quote from Lexus they proceeded to spend the next 3 days working out how not to pay - I thought they were reputable as they are fronted by Quinten Wilson but essentially not worth the paper its written on.

All running fine now but I cant help thinking that a can of bk244 would have solved the problem.

Loving the car but getting no where near 47mpg.

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Ye best car iv owned yet.comfort style pretige interior even wen its cream carpets and cloth audio system and iv spent thousands on custom builds in the past.yet I drive it like its about to break.

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Can't argue with the spec on these cars; loads of toys to play with. I agree the stereo is spot on with a quality sound, no distortion at high volume. A few niggles though - voice command is pants and shame dvd etc. kicks into safe mode once the car starts moving but I am enjoying it. Hope it stays trouble free!

Tempted to have the ecu remapped but not sure what impact this has on tolerances of other parts such as injectors, clutch etc...

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That car, if u leave it stock, is a pestilence. To make it run well u should need:

- Defap it (u can do the procedure me and FONSERG described around 2 years ago here);

- install FAP emulator (my friend SHIGO from Croatia could help u with advices);

- close the EGR (Always SHIGO had done it considering our old advices of 2 years ago here);

- possibly install a oil catch can, to avoid vapor oil recyrculation in the air compressor;

- possibly install a SprintBooster to solve turbo lag problem expecially in old gear version of this car.

Do all tihngs above and u'll be happy. Don't do it, and as for any modern post Euro 4 turbodiesel u'll spend big amount of money in maintenance for the car to clean time to time EGR, regeneration of FAP, etc..etc...

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The Mark Levinson stero on this car is the worst sounding system i ever heard on a car, an offense for the Mark LEvinson name.

I wrote a letter to Lexus Japan 2 years ago about this...without answer.

The digital amplifier produce a high fatigue listening sound, very dry and without groove and body.

Impossible to hear voices, acoustic instruments, and very dangerous with rock expecially extreme: after 2 seconds u want to close up.

They exagerate with 14 loudspeakers everywhere in the car room, but if u don't use the spazializer effect, in normal stereo mode it sounds like a little chinese radio; all sound comes from the centre channel...Bah

The old Fujitsu system is my previous LExus IS200 was far far better then this awful digital system.

PS: i'm an audiophile and my stereo system at home keeps half space of my living room ))

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