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Hi all,

New to forum and hoping for some help please!

I have been told that i need to replace my NSF caliper carrier and have been phoning all car breakers locally. Middle box on exhaust has gone too!

My car is a 95 GS300. Is it it possible that an IS200 caliper carrier will fit or perhaps a Toyota part?

Just finding it incredibly difficult to source and trying to avoid going to Lexus at the minute because of the additional cost of the exhaust.

Any guidance and support will be gratefully received.

Many thanks


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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

I don't understand why you have been told the caliper carrier needs replacing as it's just a cast bracket which is attached to the hub and the brake caliper is mounted to it.

Do you know what the actually problem with it is?

Most brake problems are down to the caliper itself or seized caliper slide pins.

There are usually some GS300s being broken on eBay but you need to be sure which part you need.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I have a terrible knocking going over bumps and the mechanic said the caliper is moving because the carrier is really worn and that I also need the sliders too?

I have no photos so just going on what I have been told?? But then I have also been told the exhaust is Lexus only and I have since been told different!

I guess knowledge is power and i need to start researching this more.

You are very kind to reply.

Thank you


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I've not heard of the carrier wearing but the caliper slide pins are a common problem, they cost around £10.00 each from Lexus/Toyota, there are 2 on each side.

Also they have rubber bushes fitted to the ends which should also be replaced.

Provided the old ones haven't seized replacement is no more than 30 minutes.

47769 BUSH, CYLINDER SLIDE, NO.1(FOR FRONT DISC BRAKE) 47769‑50010 SUB PIN SIDE 2 € 4.73 47769‑50020 MAIN PIN SIDE 2 € 4.73

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Very true regarding the exhaust, a complete custom built ss system would cost less than Lexus want for the middle box.

This may help.

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As I am new to the forum I have followed this thread (not wanting to hiJack it) I too have been told i May need a new caliper on OFS Front when the car reverses there is a grating sound from the wheel as tho the disc/pad is catching something but fine going Forward the pads are not worn and the disc looks ok, but this diagnosis was from local garage


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Thank you all! Second hand caliper carrier sourced on eBay and now fitted with only an jrregular grumble over bumps now instead of shocking noise all the time. Took car yesterday to MI J walsall and after two garages saying i needed middle section replaced, £40 clean up and small weld. i am very grateful to this site.

One more question please ;) my accelerator dial arm ( the one the tells you how quick you are going) was partly lit until yesterday when jt went all black meaning very very hard to see speed travelling. Does anyone know whether this is a bulb or loose wire?

In the meantime, i will google myself to find more info but wanted primarily to say thank you!.

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