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Yay, I Have My Ac Compressor Off!

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Mr Bookend, I would appreciate your help here :D

Apparently this compressor is seized, however I have no idea how you can check....obviously the clutch is turning but apparently that is free to turn even when the compressor is seized ?!

Here are some pictures if you want!

When I twist the clutch it does make a sucking sound out of the AC port line hole thing.....



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Hmm what tends to go on the clutch? Is it the stator magnet?

If I buy the complete clutch assy kit its 360 pounds, the same price for me to get a brand new denso compressor essentially from USA.

If I buy the magnet clutch stator, it's 51 quid....

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Oh I can't get that far today as I don;t have some of the tools to take the clutch etc off. Damn, I'll put it back on and take it off again, should be twice as easy now that everything is loose and I know what to do.

Will take a week to get the stator in anyway, £51 all in, fingers crossed thats my issue.

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I just want to check something, when I connected the 12v feed to the compressor, what was supposed to happen to the compressor exactly?

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THats strange, the front of my compressor looks nothing like this

I've edited my picture, the arrows shows the things that were turning when i turned the pulley, everything was turning as one?


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Thought pretty much everyone had Denso compressors on their cars !

Didnt know they really differentiated that much.

I think I am getting confused with my terminology etc.

When I fet 12v, which was literally a Battery to the compressor nothing happened. I didn't notice a difference even when turning by hand , no extra resistance or anything.

I may take a closer look tomorrow as there's no need to take the compressor off to check this bit out.

Need to get thosetools so I can properly take it off and do a more conclusive test.

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Also to do the 12v test I just connected up the Battery + and - terminals to the compressor. I didn't do + and grounded the other wire.......Did I do it the wrong way?

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Ok, I've ordered myself some circlip tools.

Im going to do it properly this time, use a multimeter and make sure the car is givving the compressor the correct 12v.

Then Im going to test the coil resistance and also double check to see what happens when I give it 12v with ground and 12v direct on. Also check the gap is 0.5mm.

This should give me some better conclusion.

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Should have results tomorrow if ring pliers come!

Whats the best way to do that 12v feed test? I had a look at the plug that goes onto the compressor again this morning . There is pink wire and green wire going into the plug. I assume green is earth and pink is positive? Will use a multimeter to find out, just seems like an odd colour choice.

Apparently the gap ( too much ) due to the shims can also cause the coil not to magnetise.

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I took the compressor off and had another look at the electrical side.

Connected the Battery and the compressor would click on like normal and then off when I turned the Battery off.

I am thinking the compressor has nothing to do with anything, gonna go and get this car filled up with gas tomorrow. Couldn't get it apart, that 7mm bolt was absolutely seized on there.

See myself whats happening. I am betting something like an AC pressure switch is the issue.

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