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Altezza Help Needed


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Im looking at buying an IS200 but ive phoned the dealer and he tells me its an import model but i cant get an accurate insurance quote because the registration number the guy gave me doesnt bring up any details anywhere, not even at DVLA.He says the log book just says toyota lexus IS200.but he also says its 6 cyld but i was under the impression imports were 4 cyld.could someone please give me some details on the specs and suggestions on the insurance? i also have these questions :-

1.The car has satnav and tv,the dealer said the tv picks up terrestrial but the sat nav is all in there anything that could be done to rectify this?

2.the car is an auto gearbox.are there any reliability problems with these and do you loose performance over a manual type?

3.With it being an import model will i struggle to get parts if there ever needed?

4. is there anything else i should be aware ov when buying this car?

any help would be greatfully appreciated

Thanx in Advance


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Have you asked to see the V5 ( registration document ) to make sure the registration plate and the engin / chassis number matches?

Personally if DVLA can't find a match against the plate I would be worried. Try giving them the VIN. Can't the dealer sort it - he should ba ablt to HPI it etc. to give you some proof of legality of it all.

Perhaps post where the car is ( area ) and somebody on here might offer to take a look at it with you.

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Dont know what help I can be but,

The Altezzas in japan are not all 4 cylinders, some have the 6 cylinder ones as per uk IS. The 4 cylinder RS200 has chassis number SXE10 and the 6 cylinder GXE10

In terms of insurance I would have thought it was comparable to a UK IS or maybe a little more.

1) Not sure about navigation, perhaps you could get the Name of manufacture and moddel spec and email them direct to see if it's simple updated EU disc or otherwise

2) I doubt you would have reliabilty issues as it's Lexus! secondly you'll probably lose some performance over a manual as the transmission will sap some power from it, compared to a normal manual box

3) I would doubt you'd have issues when getting parts, you could check with your local lexus/toyota dealer once you have a chassis number. A lexus dealer near myself will service an Altezza (Ask Altezzas) so I'm assuming parts won't be a problem (I don't have an Altezza yet but have been doing some ground work!)

4) Can I ask why you want to get an imported IS?? As my reason for getting an import is to get the higher performance RS200 with 210 BHP as it's not available here.

If you want an IS I would get a UK one. Unless it's cheap or otherwise.......

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Altezzas come in two flavours - the RS200 (4 cyl) and AS200 (6 Cyl). It's understandable that you wouldn't know about the AS because there's no point in importing them when you can get the European IS.. except that it's going to be cheaper...

1) can't help you on sat nav

2)It's a Toyota!! Yes you will lose performance, especially if it's a 4 cyl

3)I've not had a problem

4)sit in it AND an IS before you part with your money and decide...

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Take some of both for a blast before deciding!

The 4cyl is very buzzy, with little vibrations appearing in all parts of the car. It really gets up and goes from 5000rpm on, (210bhp) and has a distinctly better turn-in from the lighter engine and the mass a little further back. They have crappy upholstery, unheated and non-electric seats. They are the cheap sporty version. You have to work to drive them smoothly around town, especially with the six-speed box and the grabby clutch.

The six-cyl is smooth and torquey, lovely to drive and effortless around town. However the power lack is VERY noticeable. (150bhp) Maybe the TRD 156KW 6cyl or the supercharger is the answer! The trim inside is a step up, especially in the Lexus with the heated leather seats and the sat-nav.

I drove about six from various car dealers before deciding on mine. I soon decided on the 4cyl six-speed, and then picked which of the dozen available was the best value.

Still love it to bits! :yahoo:

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