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Successful Language Conversion Of 2001 Harrier

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Having recently imported a 2001 Harrier, I scoured the web and the forum on the subject of language conversion, but never found any clear answers.

Just to encourage anyone who may be looking for info on this, I have just successfully converted my Harrier from Japanese to English. To do so I replaced the satnav disk unit (under the floor in the trunk) with one from a 2002 RX300 (part # 86841 47030, £175.00 on E-Bay) and the mutlifunction display unit/nav screen with one from a 2002 RX300 (E-Bay £80.00). The latter was included as part of the entire center console so I was also able to swap over the Japanese buttons for English ones.

I was hoping to also swap out the radio to get UK bandwidth, but the UK radio unit had two plugs on the back while the Japanese radio had three, so I failed on that.

For anyone outside the UK, my (seemingly endless) research suggests that the disk unit must come out of a UK model Lexus/Toyota. Same disk unit is also used in some other Toyotas (e.g. LS430), and I think there are other earlier/later disk units that may work.

Satnav worked immediately - in English - as soon as I swapped the rear disk unit, but audio features etc on the display remained in Japanese. Swapping the screen unit in the center console switched all features into English.

So - it costs a few quid, but it is actually easy to do - all plugs - except the radio unit - were the same.

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Congrats on finding the second hand parts and getting it all working. If you were to purchase the parts required new from Lexus the total would be more than the vehicles worth, probably several times overs.

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