[Is250] Navigation Failure After Attempt To Map Update

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Hi everyone!

Something went wrong with map update in my 2006 Lexus IS250 :(

Before update I had East Europe 2012-2013 inside (propably E15, I can't remember) and it looked like some copied and lightscribed DVD. I decided to burn the E19 East 2014-2015 on Verbatim DL DVD. I did that, seemed ok until I inserted the disc into the nav. First screen went blank, then a screen appeared. There was something like "system updating" and the progress bar. After that it said "map loading" and then "unable to read data".

Even the 2012-2013 doesn't work anymore :/ Only DVD that works is the factory DVD with maps from 2006 :(

I tried to burn the disc on various DVDs, using various settings, but none of them worked. Sometimes it says "No map DVD" and sometimes "Unable to read data"

Please, help! Any ideas how to fix this?

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The fix is easy. Buy a legitimate disc.


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The fix is easy when you're in UK. You have one disc for all western countries. When you live in Poland you have to get 2 discs - East (PL,SK, CZ, UA) and North (PL, DE, A, CH) This doubles the very high price for one disc. And this super expensive navi is still worse than any other aftermarket satnav.

And earnings in the UK are three times higher :)

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A logical explanation seems to be that when you inserted your new disc the firmware got updated. The updated firmware probably contains a 'fix' that does not allow burnt discs to be run in the SAT Nav.

I don't think you can go back now.

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While this forum is, obviously, not the correct place to discuss where or how to acquire pirate copies of Toyota's intellectual property, there is nothing whatsoever in the latest firmware which prevents the use of "burnt discs".

It is also trivially easy to re-install previous versions of the firmware.

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thanks to PhilipK I did that. Not that complicated. Reducing the ISO size to single-layer DVD helped.

BTW how do I re-install the previous FW? Switching to the previous DVD doesn't work.

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