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  1. Happy Birthday simonskippy!

  2. CAR IS SOLD Chaz - Should get another 100 - 120 bhp out of it if the new owner goes to town on it Si
  3. the lex may be going for the time being but I wont be, now things have calmed down i should be around for a while. Other cars on the drive at the mo are Jag S type R - currently having new leather seats put in Golf TDI - well she can't be trusted with too much bhp!! The Lex I'm thinking about getting whoever buys it to sign a contract saying they promise to keep it in LOC - would love to see it developed more Si
  4. yep it is a bargain, i've got fed up with time wasters, and I need to get it moved due to now having three cars, I can only drive one at a time!! I'm deffo coming back for a GS430 in a year or so!! Si
  5. Sorry missed the reply Depending on which rollers you put it on I have had the following, all with printouts 250 bhp 284 bhp 292 bhp The 284 bhp has been done since I have had the ecu, water injection and boost re-mapped Si P.S. I still haven't fitted the bloomin pistons rods and rings, so i'm only running 0.6 bar still, when those go in and the boost is up to 1.3 or 1.5 bar then it will get really interesting
  6. i've sold it Twice, only to be let down by the idiots, they just wanted to try it down the motorway. I've got an S Type R from work at the moment so the lex just sits idle most of the week. I can't be bothered to take it back to standard - that is far far too much work!! Si
  7. Its for sale £12750 29k miles PM or link to the garage for full entire spec - no racers looking to drive it please! Si
  8. Cheers peeps, been a bit of a year to forget i'm afraid. Been most quiet on the boards and there are loads of new faces around here - feel a bit lost. Car is still running but is going up for sale again, been let down now by 2 buyers who just seemed to want to take it for a blast and then dissapear off the face of the planet!! The body kit has changed twice and is now a mixture of two, the wheels changed then changed back, Noz went on then came off, stereo was changed but I blew it up, the FCON has been re-mapped and the bugs ironed out of the ECU, the pipework in the engine re-worked the oxygen sensors fettled with, water injection re-mapped, Racelogic TRC re-programmed So its still been a bit busy on the car i've stopped development now as I have changed jobs for the second time this year and bought a villa in portugal so things are on hold for a while If anyone is interested in the car then it will be up for £12750 - 29k miles FLSH then PM me or call me on the moby Zee - You need to answer your phone mate - those missed calls are me!!! Si
  9. I may well do indeed, its changed a bit since anyone last saw it!!
  10. Hello strangers or should that be directed at me?!? You may or may not have noticed i haven't been around for a while, had a little bit on my plate but things have calmed down in the personal and professional life so thought i'd pop back on and say hello, things have changed a fair ammount since I was last on so if this post is in the wrong placed can one of you mods move it - cheers Hope I haven't missed too much - fill me in on the gossip Cheers Si
  11. Bumped Is back up for sale after buyer not showing with the cash Email as deals can be done - must go to a good home
  12. yes and no they were sold with the car but the buyer never showed - email me if you are interested
  13. All are JE originals and in perfect condition I have 7 pistons, 6 conrods and oil rings, were due to be fitted to my car but that is going very soon and I now have no need for them. £800 ono Please email me as I can't check my PM's very often or
  14. The install was done at TDI, 0-60 times, no idea I have no way of timing them, am waiting for the weather to improve and then go to the Pod
  15. photos now in the garage follow the link on the siggy