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  1. We did a trip called the coloured canyon, it involved 8 people crammed into the bench seats in the back of a landrover and then driven about 2 1/2 hours to a canyon which you then have to climb down into walk through, climb out of a deep canyon, then get crammed back into the landy, for a drive to a restaurant for lunch then back to the hotel, nonme of this was explained to us when he trip was booked and some people turned up in flip flops. I really wouldn't recommend this trip unless getting thrown about in a landy and walking through a red hot exposed canyon is your thing. Otherwise snorkelling and diving is amazing and a trip to Naama Bay at night is a must.
  2. I just saw on BBC news that Subaru (or at least teh parent company FHI are pulling them out) are leaving WRC, the World of motorsports seems to be imploding, too many years of throwing money for results seems to be backfiring.
  3. They're nice, I might even go for the M ones for the BM.
  4. The show was really good, they really go for it, you don't realise how skillful Russ Swift and the boys are until you see them doing what they do in such a tight space. Some lovely cars at the show as well, but we were too jarred to even think about the Land Rover course but it did look like fun
  5. 1/2 an hour to go at work then off to MPH and Top Gear live at Earls Court should be a good night beer, nice cars (no driving) and Top Gear show, life is good.
  6. Work in the oil industry so no affect yet.
  7. Fancied a change and got offered a cracking deal, otherwise I wouldn't have moved.
  8. I'm with you stop designing cars for people in rubbish trousers (no offence to golfers but the trousers are rubbish) to drive to a big field and then chase a wee white ball around for 4 hours and worry more about us non golfing car enthusiasts.
  9. IS250c @ Paris That looks quite pretty, I like the sound of the IS350C, which will be released in the States next year, hope it comes here. And a boot that's big enough for a golf bag with the roof down, so some room for your I.C.E Wozza.
  10. Happy birthday Gord have a good one.
  11. I'm getting quotes of £454 was the best and £477 with my current insurer from, that's £10 less than I'm paying for my 335, not sure what's going on there. 38 yo Clean licence and 11 years ncd. Got a call from Lexus Glasgow, saying they had an IS-F available I sort of wish I'd waited but the missus wanted another convertible. Please hurry and bring out an IS vert
  12. Happy birthday Trudi have a good one.
  13. Thommo


    Welcome to the club.
  14. Glad to hear you got the car back mate, hopefully there will be some evidence as to who did it and they get brought to justice (for what that's worth these days).
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