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  1. Well last time I posted on this topic was May 2009 haha, time has flown by.. Is this car still around? hows it all going Stav? Nice to pop in & see some old faces still around.
  2. Still probably my favorite thread 2 years on, taking me awhile to catch up but the video is great, really impressive work my friend :)
  3. If i'm honest mate not overly, if I was to spend money again i'd probably go for hids as they make a huge difference so I'm told :)
  4. Well its been a few years at a guess guys and I still have the IS200, the forums look totally differnt no idea where to start but I think I shall be around for the next few days catching up on whats happening & see whats new :)so thought i'd just say hi.
  5. I got my old car done there like 7yrs ago & the tints still look great I would recommend :)
  6. Haha no worries Ormi thanks for your help there is no rush ;) & thankyou every1 else for your replies :)
  7. pm me your address mate and i'll send you two,got two in my tool box. :winky: :hocus-pokus: You star mate, will be in touch :D
  8. Hey guys been a long time since I was here, but back for a quick bit of help needed my key fobs have both died thinking it's just battery related not been changed in years, any1 got a part number for them, or know the size etc. Must they be from Lexus etc? anyone know prices I am beyond poor at the mo so this maybe sounding tight but things r that bad at the mo, I dont even use the car much as dont have petrol lol.. but I'd still like to alarm it ;) any help welcomed guys thanks..
  9. Wow seems I popped back @ an exciting time, hope it all works out for you Marcus I know you've been doing a great job since you started this :)
  10. Wow it's like I've never been away, this is still going on madness..
  11. Hey Jason I've not been around for 3-4 months but just catching up & the projects looks ace still, will try an pop in every so often to check how your going on mate :)
  12. I loved it 2 even if a rubbish cinema but I really like Transformers a must purchase on BlueRay lol..
  13. WOW not seen this thread before now but looks like alot of effort going in, looks top as well mate. Will keep my eye on this now...
  14. I see thanks stav, I infact am still a fan of neons (this is a show car quality so thats fine IMHO) If it wasnt for a saga on ebay i'd have some fitted now, but they were fake, rubbish, dangerous & eventually got my money back phew.. But I would prefer the normal neons, still cool & differnt none the less...
  15. A pic would be a great help from anyone ^_^
  16. have you seen his plates though!! Indeed I just realised what I had said haha... :shutit:
  17. Will be nice mate, been in my old car (now my brothers) little Renault Clio 1.2 16v good fun throwing it around, but doesnt go anywhere fast lol.. Also been driving my dad around in a Range Rover Sport (auto) never driven an auto before that & I'm starting to really like it. So comfortable and high up as well, was well strange getting back in the Lex going over to the MOT station. Felt really low down even though mine looks like it's on stilts haha..
  18. Thanks mate I will have a look tonight when i get home
  19. Ormi is an MOT tester so I'd hope he'd know if it was ok lol..
  20. What are planks & roll-outs I feel so silly but having never done anything really before I'd have no idea, I will most likely look it up on youtube :winky:
  21. how would i go about installing it etc?? would i need a box or similar to fit it into?? wasnt wanting to spend much to be honest so if there's a lot of extras to add on i'll probably give it a miss?? Sub, Box, Amp, Cables if your not after anything to flashy you won't have to spend much mate.. But then you'll want to upgrade the others, which I personally haven't yet as I agree the stock can work well if your happy & like everything else you will want more & more lol.. :)
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