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  1. if it reads litres per kilometer your odmeter is in kilometers. 6.4 litres per 100km equates to 44 mpg. easiest way to convert is divide km by 8 and multiply by 5, this will give you miles
  2. hi all, jus saw dis in the paper yesterday and thaught i'd post it, lexus r droppin the price of the 220 d from 38500 euro to 35500 euro for 2010 in ireland to help boost sales, when combined with the price decrease due to the change to C02 emmissions based vechile registration tax dat means that the price of the car is down nearly 10 grand from when i baught my new one in 2006!
  3. hi, repalced my 220 d wit a new c class 220 cdi last month and i gotta say i like the car. as i had the basic lex i have a better spec, heated leather, bluetooth, avantegaurde trim...etc... its a very solid car to drive. i do miss the poke from the lexus and it was def ahead of the merc on this regard. also miss the keyless entry and push button start. i would def recomend these as options to buy as you will be used to dem with the lex. mpg is very good though returning 47mpg since purchase, i got 43mpg on the lex over 3 years and 9 months. not a rattle in sight but then i never had that issue with the lex.
  4. well, my is220d is gone, picked up my new c 220 cdi mec 2day. loved the 220d but time for a change. and a bigger boot. had no kids whenn got lex and have 2 now. had intended to get a new 220 last jan but the deal fell through, as it happens got a new 09 pre reg merc (14 km on clock) with mettalcic, full leather, bluetooth, avantegaurd grill, electric memory heated seats and taxed for 4 grand less than the base model 220 would have cost me las jan. that said i loved the lexus, i never had the issues that some had, mpg was 43 for my 3 year 9 months of ownership, never had any creaks and rattles. felt i had to change as ca was knocking on 4 years old, neer keep a ca longer than 2 before. with expected road tax increase of 10% in the budget annual road tax would be almost a grand, as mec is under new system its 300 euro. i reckon would hae had poblems moving on nex year plus the local lexus garages hae closed down in the last 6 months sardso its a 2 hour drive either way to one. loved the forum and checked it most days, didn't post too much though. regards Brendan
  5. Can only help with question 4, red light on the speedo only comes on at 100mph or 160kph, your problem is you've been driveing like a pussy!!!! njoy the mota
  6. I have used the local toyota dealer for all my services, they are much cheaper and are only 2 miles from my house as opposed to a nightmare journey from work to the opposite side of town, they also register the service on line with lexus and can therefore find out whats needed, when i checked about changing to a new Is ( before recession depression, am holding tight now) as far as the lexus dealer was concerned it was the same as being serviced by them, he said it made no difference that all services where done with toyta and when he checked my reg they had a full record of work done, i had been all set to get in an arguement with him thinking that he was going to hit me on the exchange value!
  7. well looks like 20 grand (euro) to upgrade to 2009 new model is220, this includes metallic paint, bluetooth carkit and as its the new model bigger wheels with a alecantra mix upholstery, kinda what i was expecting as its coming up 3 years and the new car tax is half the price. father in law was quoted 10 grand to come up 2 years with a 1.4 ford focus hatch! not sure will i go ahead wit it yet, a lot to just change a plate and car only has 50000km or 30000 miles on it, had been considering of changing to a 520d and had one for a 2 day test drive last month, gotta say that while it looked the dogs, it didn't do it for me.
  8. just a quick enquiry to see if anyone can tell me what kind of price tey are being charged to change up. mine is 06 220 wit 50000 kilometeres, base model wit metallic, looking for same again for 2009 as unlike a lot of 220 owners i really liked d car, always got mid 40's on econemy and never had rattles
  9. used a knife wrapped in a terry cloth to remove rear ones before Xmass, pushed in at the bottom and gently levered up, no bother, had to push back out inside side clips when puttinjg back in as initally didn't go back flush
  10. I used a toyota dealer for my last service, 20000 miles, oil, filter, fluids ...etc... 174 euro, same service almost 400 with lexus, checked with the lexus salesman that i bought the car off and he said it would make no difference at trade in, he also said that they get their cars serviced at the toyota garage as the lexus one doesn't have a service bay!
  11. Annual Motor tax rates will be graduated as one moves up the CO2 bands, as follows: Band A, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of under 120grams per kilometre - motor tax rate of €100. Band B, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of between 121 and 140 grams per kilometre – motor tax rate of €150. Band C, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of between 141 and 155grams per kilometre – motor tax rate of €290. Band D, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of between 156 and 170 grams per kilometre – motor tax rate of €430. Band E, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of between 171 and 190grams per kilometre – motor tax rate of €600. Band F, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of between 191 and 225 grams per kilometre – motor tax rate of €1,000. Band G, the top band – motor tax rate of €2,000, reflecting CO2 emissions of over 225grams per kilometre. this means that the 220d will be taxed at 430 euro and the auto 250 will be taxed at a grand, manual 250 with emmissions of 231 looks like being hit for 2 grand, ouch....! I was waiting for the budget to see what to do about a new car expecting to order a new 220 easterish, now i'll wait for delivery 1st july as annual road tax will drop from 820 euro to 430 (750 to be increased by 10% in budget)
  12. mine is 6.4 Litres per 100km from new, thats 44mpg on the button. car has done 35000 or 20000 miles and was reg jan 06. my driving is mixed but only once every couple weeks does a journey go over half an hour. while i'm a fairly easy going driver i find that now if i do drive it on it makes v.little difference to economy, this was not always the case. i noticed the biggest difference when i bought deisel from unfranchised dealers, i've tested this a couple of times and in all instances economy dropped, sometimes by as much as 20%! while this may not be the case, their are issues in the republic of ireland with regard to laundered dodgey agrigculture deisel. on the Lexus claims side, i noticed that in the new adds for the 220 in time magazine they have reduced their claims to 38mpg! I subscribe to this magazine and i don't know if its the exact same as the one thats available in the newsagents. from a value point of view i just got the 20000 mile service done in a toyota garage and all done (wipers, fuel & oil filters, all fluids ...etc...) for 174 euro, i spoke to a guy in Lexus and was told that this would not affect my warrenty and that this is the same as the work they would have carried out
  13. Same as Jamboo, i jus keep the button pressed in untill it starts, sometimes, especially on cold mornings it has to be held in for a couple of seconds longer for it to start
  14. on the starting it happened to me twice, on both times i had parked in our drive with the car inclined upwards, up until then i had never driven straight in and it had never occured. only reverse into drive now so nose is inclined down and never happened since
  15. laughed out loud when i read bout u in the boot wit the wife driving. not related to any italian snitches by any chanch