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  1. I looked long and hard at the Macan, visiting the dealer, reading the literature and looking at all the on-line reviews. I'd have had one but as soon as you started putting anything in them (Pan roof, hi-fi etc.) the price went through the roof! From a value proposition perspective, and the aftersales relationship / experience which is second to none, the Lexus wins hands down in my opinion.
  2. Nice but it will always look dirty. That's one of the reasons I ordered sonic titanium ; you can't see the fine coating of dust / water splashes from day to day driving. Mine's 'filthy', but it doesn't need a wash yet!
  3. I thought you might be! Incredibly quiet - a significant step up from the previous model which I was a fan of anyway. For a couple of weeks after letting the RC-F go (sad occasion) it felt like something was missing from my life, then I realised what it was... petrol station visits!! Very pleased with it so far. I'm a sucker for the ML sound system, but then it is a bit special... If you can get a good price on one of these then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one. They even drive better - definitely flatter through corners, and with the 'customise' setting you can muck about with the throttle mapping, steering and suspension characteristics, which is nice.
  4. That would be about par for the course at around 30% in the first year with VAT at 20% plus all the other first year taxes and delivery charges. My M4 lost £17k in only 4 months, and that was only thanks to Lexus offering me £4k above the best price a BMW dealer would be willing to stump up. It's an expensive game, of that there is no doubt my friends...
  5. Did you test drive it before making the purchase? I had one and found it to be relatively firm, but not enough to be a problem. You should get your dealer to check it out if you have any issue :)
  6. It would be inappropriate for me to disclose... let's just say the package and associated numbers work very nicely thank you... 😉 I've gone for an interior colour I've not had before, but with the full panoramic sunroof there's so much light coming in that the black interior looks great, although I did like the cream, but wasn't quite sure about the brown, and having seen the black in the flesh with the contrasting white stitching, more than happy to go with that, and probably very easy to maintain. Exterior wise, I know your not a fan but the Sonic Titanium, especially in contrast with the black, absolutely seals the deal. The beauty of the colour is that it also 'hides' fine dust as it builds up on the car, something the darker colours aren't so good at doing, so hopefully a bit less washing required too (even though there's a free wash and vac club at Lexus every Saturday morning if you wish to take advantage of the free service; I'm usually playing golf!) Only outstanding item in my mind is do I fit a Tracker or not? Doesn't seem to influence insurance premiums with this vehicle, and meant in the nicest possible way, who's going to nick one of these? Would be interested in your thoughts...
  7. Nice choice sir; that will look very nice I'm sure. I agree - this isn't about 'conformity'. I don't care what others think, but I am interested in their opinions (most of the time...) so the RX wasn't a difficult decision to make (I've had two of the previous versions interspersed with an Alpina B3s Biturbo and a CLA45 AMG. My other half loves the comfort and serenity afforded by the RX, but I like to 'drive', so we alternate between drive and luxury as it seems to prevent long term ear-ache!) Although I've not had the RCF long, I've had it longer than my previous 2 vehicles (M4 / AMG) and I'd have kept it longer, but the RX spec and colour we like is on the boat now, and with a first year service and a £495.00 VED bill right behind it for the RCF just around the corner (and the guys at Lexus offering me more for it than others would have you believe as well as a few integral and 'very nice thank you' sweetners...) irrespective of offers and discounts, the deal is right for us, and she's over the moon (serious brownie points boys!) so why wouldn't you? :winky: The saddest thing is a function of the state of our roads and traffic conjestion; my average speed in a vehicle capable of so much more is only 28mph! I only drive a short distance to work, and rarely use the motorway, affording me an average fuel consumption of 19mpg, so looking at the cost of fuel, VED and insurance, getting a new RX will provide me with an immediate £2,300.00 (approx) annual saving = 1 week in Barbados, so job's a good'un!
  8. Well - contrary to those readers of Autocar who just don't get it, I placed my order today. Stunning in the flesh, with some beautiful craftsmanship and finishing touches throughout, mine's on the boat and will be with me mid-Feb. I'll be sad to see the RCF go, but then I was sad to see the M4, M3, ISF, Alpina B3s, GS and all the others go, but so many cars, so little time! What next; LF-CC?? Who knows... Just before I go, a very big shout-out for the Lexus team in Derby (Sian, Nick, Stuart, Scott et al) - burst tyre on New Year's Eve left me without transport over New Year, needing a tyre that will take until Friday this week to receive and fit. Thanks to the team who never fail to exceed my expectations, they gave me an NX for the week to keep me going! That's the Lexus ownership experience right there; thanks again guys :D. Happy and safe, incident-free New Year to you all!
  9. Really? Dealer told me import numbers capped with limited number of units for sale per dealership, so high residuals almost guaranteed... Sales talk??
  10. Well I'd expect it to considering it has auto high beams ?? Those systems are triggered by light from on-coming traffic, vehicle tail lights, street lighting or similar sources using camera technology; I think it's probably the radar cruise system talking to the lighting system on the new configuration that enables the dip function when someone walks by... just my guess :winky:
  11. Didn't listen to it but dealer said it would be pretty good anyway. Pioneer unit he said.
  12. Some pics from the dealership visit yesterday. The dark wood trim looks beautiful... One little interesting fact if you weren't aware, you can now set the height that you want the tailgate to open up to, which is great if you have an up and over garage door, or park in low ceiling car parks :) Click on images for larger view:
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    RX450h 2016

    A few dealership shots
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