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  1. Hi. I have averaged approx 34.5 over 3 years. I did mainly town driving and 5 long motorway trips per month. Just traded in my RX Premier for a "Superman spec" F Sport Takumi and , the mpg seems to be the same.
  2. What I meant to say was, the interior is poor for a car in this price range. The interior is exactly the same as a Civic. We should know as we also bought a Civic. Great cars, both of them.
  3. Yes, I have the 2017 model. The interior is very poor. The drive is sensational. You want both , choose a Ferrari with the bull**** waiting list. I didn't pay anywhere near that price btw.
  4. Does anyone have the RX with the Panoramic roof? If so, can you take a picture with the interior cover fully receded. I am looking for a pic of the seals between the cover and the actual opening of the roof. Thanks.
  5. Like buses, they all come at once!! I am looking forward to driving the LS. Leeds had their demo Premier in the car park so I had a poke about. My goodness the interior is sensational and so is the price!!!
  6. The sunroof issue is unheard of so far and I think and that has probably caused issues with the camera for the Lane assist etc. Leeds have contacted the Lexus bod and he will be there to see for himself before they commence the warranty work. They are providing me with their own LS500h as the sunroof seals have failed twice.
  7. The Pano roof seals have failed twice so Leeds have booked it in for 2 days next week to sort all the gremlins out. Got in it last night and this .....!!!! At least they have promised me a LS500h for 2 days😀😀😀
  8. I've had a lot of niggles with this RX. Door seals, sunroof and the passenger seat memory. Friday car.
  9. The sunroof seals had failed.... the sunroof would not shut and neither would the cover . I took it to Vantage Lexus Leeds and the first question the service bod asked was,” how dirty is the car”? Is this relevant? Am I being a stupid c*?
  10. Ah yes. I thought you were looking for a 4RX. My mistake. I thought the 3RX was very quiet,refined and well equipped.
  11. My Premier is very quiet. It’s so quiet , that I can hear the seatbelts rubbing against the leather seats. I’m just getting in now, on the way to Manchester airport for the early morning to Heathrow. Quiet roads....
  12. Dad reversing! I have also had the misfortune to meet Johnathan Palmer😜
  13. That is simply an absolutely sensational colour. Wow!! Enjoy.
  14. Won’t change route and next time will take my wife’s car😂😂😂