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  1. Happy Birthday boddamloon!

  2. Im a father and know what your saying but why would he pay 20M out if he were innocent thats what i cant get over. Also you say hes a father but what kind of father dangles his kid over a balcony? If he were not MJ the pop singer you would be saying good ridance so that to me says that if you are a good singer you can do these crruel things to kids??????? And when you die you will be forgiven????
  3. Dont forget about the $20M out of court settlement too. heard something on CNN what made sense. "He was a millionaire living the Billionaire life"
  4. I mean, have you ever heard an IS200 with a SC and an Induction? Sorry i just cant put a price on that.
  5. Double sided sticky pads by the look of it.
  6. This will never happen and its only mentioned to keep the do-gooders happy. Its like smoking, How easy would it be for the goverment to say no more cigarettes to be sold in shops???? It would drastically cut down the smokers. I was part of a team fitting the windmills you see dotted around everywhere a few years ago and the project engineer told me that they will never save money and will constantly be a cost to the taxpayer but the green people feel at ease when they see them and keeps them happy. So no need to worry this is just another gimic the goverment is sending out and they make too much money from speeders the same as cigarette smokers
  7. I also found that yesterday Aido but both optons were faded and i could not select neither but as i said it had been in HiFi for 3 days playing fine and then it corrupted or broke ??
  8. tried that last command and nothing happened cheers anyway bud
  9. Aido, it was just a cheap china product and cant see no name on it so not too bothered. i have another laptop on vista and tried it on there lastnight and did exact the same. I have only ever used it for playing music on my stereo so its not had much use. thanks for your ideas cheers mate
  10. i only had it 6 months and i have one thats 2 year old but if its busted no problem as it was just music that was on it
  11. Cheers Aido, I tried that but it says insert new disc for drive e
  12. Wondering if anyone could help me out, I have a 8GB memory stick which i been using for past 6 months without a hitch. I had music on it and had been playing it in Hifi through USB for last 3 days until it came up it no longer could be read. I plugged it into Laptop on Vista and after about 8 mins it showed up in my computer and when i right click it takes another 8 mins and when i click on Format it does nothing at all. I guess its corrupt somehow but is there anyway i can format it and clear it. When its plugged in its slowing down OS and sometimes my internet cuts off and i need to restart laptop. Had a search on net but never came upon nothing either that or it was all way over my head. Cheers!!!
  13. Drove from Aberdeen to Bolton for a meet, Drove from Aberdeen to Charlesworth to keep Bobby company and drove 17 hours straight to pick up my charger !!!!! It was all worth it haha
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