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  1. I'm absolutely on your side RR. ;) Trust me, the OEM internals could NEVER-EVER handle/produce that power because: Left = SPC / Right = OEM Cheers, Luke
  2. Looking great! :) I'm also going down this way...
  3. Would be great to get the technical dates of the GTE bolts.... ^_^ Length, thickness...
  4. I know that the heads are different, but the block is the same that means the holes also must be the same, maybe the bolts are different in length???
  5. Hi guys! Well I'm right now starting to build my 1G-FE engine up for 400+ HP. So I need stronger head bolts. I also know that oem head bolts would be good for that power. But, first I want to look if there are stronger head bolts available. I know there are ARP head bolts available for the 1G-GTE, so my question, are the oem head bolts of the FE and GTE are the same??? Hope you can help me out... Greats, Luke
  6. No, just 1G-GTE rods. Will use custom internals, rods and pistons.
  7. Erm, NO, I bought Ellz T-Kit. It's a cast manifold with a Garrett GT2871R and 2,5" Piping. Internals will be changed and block and head will be modified. Also a Haltech ECU will be used. Fuel system is already changed, but you can also read about the whole build up here: GERMAN LOC I also have 1G-GTE rods for sale.... ;)
  8. Just want to say that I also have a T-project with my 1G-FE engine. ;) I thought a week about which would be the right engine/way to go... 3S-GTE/2JZ/1JZ and now I will take the 1G-FE. Why? Because it is something special and enough power (350-400) maybe I do a 2JZ swap in 5 years...
  9. only GOLD MEMBERS are allowed to offer items for sale mate
  10. Fuel injector data 7M-GTE injectors maybe...
  11. Right, I also was thinking of the 440ccm injectors...
  12. Thx mate! ;) There will be no problem with touching the chassis because i will mount the turbo direct on the manifolfd. You also can see it in the german thread. Maybe I will get a Gold member...
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