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  1. Yes, it appears that that there were 4 upgrades needed to be done and one of them was to do with mapping (I really don't know what to believe). I told them that I did what they told me to do and connect to "My lexu"s account and downloaded all the downloads that was on that account but it appears there are more downloads that I as a consumer didn't have access to that needed to be downloaded (If I had been told that at the start I propbably wouldn't have even gone for the Carplay as I would have known that it was going to be £160. You "live and learn". I have been with Lexus for about 10 yrs and in that time I have bought 3 Lexus's (and before that numerous Audi's and Volkswagen Golfs) and I have never been treated like this. But after this I will think twice about giving them my money and look somewhere else....especially after them telling me they would pay me back the difference (a measily £20) but I have heard nothing from them and I suspect I will never hear from them again. Sorry again for previous long winded rant but it really did annoy me how I was dealt with. And for those that are seeking Apple Carplay...Think Twice as it can be a costly £160, it's not wireless and really it's just not worth it.
  2. Totally agree Herbie but it was the messing and the faffing around and the pretending to know about something she knew absolutely nothing about that really got to me. Especially when I asked her to go and get someone who knew how to work it. I would have respected her more if she had have said something like “sorry I don't know anything about Apple Carplay but I'll get someone who does”....the misplaced arrogance just got to me plus the mistake on the price and then blaming me for getting it wrong
  3. Well I got Apple Carplay fitted to my Lexus ES but what an escapade. I phoned Lexus Belfast (whom I bought the car off and is a branch of the "Lookers" car Dealership) and asked could Apple carplay be retrofitted to my 2019 Lexus ES. I was told by K that it could be and the price would be £60 and they would have to have the car for about half a day. Knowing that everybody on here had been quoted £80 I said to her "is there VAT to be added to this?" No, she said that includes VAT. She then went on to say that if there was other updates required this would go to £160. I said " how do I know if there are any updates needed" and she replied "if you go onto you 'My Lexus' account and link it via the car then it will show if any updates are required and you can download them yourself". I thanked her for this information and duly went to "My Lexus" logged on and found out there where two updates required....I downloaded them and updated the car. So I phoned back the next day and told her I downloaded two updates and I would like to book the car in for the retrofit of the Apple Carplay. I said to her again, "What is the price?" and she replied "Its £60" and I said doesn't that include VAT and she said yes. It was booked in for Monday. I took it up to Lexus, Belfast and met Karen and she said "you do know that we will have it in for half a day?" I said yes and she said and the cost will be £80????? What I said you told me it was £60. "Oh NO" she said "you must have picked me up wrong" I said, "I never, because I asked you a number of times and you said £60". I wanted it done so I said "OK go ahead" She then warned me if the updates haven't been uploaded to the car then it would rise to £160. I said "well I did what you told me to do and downloaded all the updates that was missing and that was on 'My Lexus'" About an hour later I got an update from them that the engineer was working on my car and about another hour later I got a phone call from them to tell me that there was 4 missing updates and that they couldn't fit Apple Carplay without these 4 updates and that the price had now risen to £160. I wasn't pleased because these updates were not on "My Lexus" but on Lexus own database which I didn't have access too. I reluctantly agreed for the work to continue and to the price of £160 (what else could I do, I wanted the carplay and they were holding all the cards). Honestly I was quite annoyed as I had been told £60 and now it was £160. Another 3 hrs went past and eventually they phoned to say the car was ready but if I waited another two hours she would have the car washed. As the car wasn't particularly dirty and they had already had the car for 5 hrs and I couldn't understand why it would take 2 hours to wash a car I declined this offer. I picked the car up and duly set about connecting Apple Carplay (thinking it was a wireless connection....WRONG" I tried and I looked up google to see what I was doing wrong but for the life of me I couldn't connect. So I drove it back to Lexus Belfast and told them that I must be doing something wrong but I can't connect to which she said "oh it's very easy, I'll show you how it works" so she duly got into the car switched the engine on and pressed the menu and pressed a few buttons and asked me was Bluetooth on my iPhone (which it was)...this went on for a couple of minutes and she said "I don't know, it's very easy to use, there must be something wrong with your phone" So she got out of the car and said she was going to speak to someone in the showroom. Another couple of minutes went past and she back and said "your trying to do this wirelessly, it needs to be wired" (Thanks a million I thought, you told me it was easy to do and now you come back and tell me it needs to be wired). She then told me, but it works with google Maps wirelessly and got into the car again and messed about with the menu and pressed all kinds of buttons. By this time I was getting really annoyed and I asked her to go and get someone that knew how to fix this. She said "Oh no, this is very easy to fix, this works on my car and it's great when it works" more minutes went past and finally she gave up and went back in and got a young gentleman who explained that Apple Carplay needs to be wired and immediately put a USB/Lightning cable into my phone and car and immediately Apple Carplay magic. All that faffing around that I had to put up with was so so annoying, from being told £60 to £160 and telling me it was so easy connect without a wire I was just at the end of my thether but at least this guy just got into the car and it was sorted. I then got a phone call the next day from Lexus Belfast to say that seemingly I was having problems with working the Carplay. I told them "No but that I was really annoyed at the way I had been mislaid and told that it was £60 and that all I needed to was download the updates from the My Lexus site and then the faffing around about how to wirelessly connect the phone" I told them I was very very annoyed that I had been with Lexus for about 10 yrs and to be treated like this was so annoying, so much so that I would think twice about buying another car from Lexus Belfast and look elsewhere. He told me that he was sorry to hear that and would phone me back the next day and pay me back the difference in money (probably £20).......The next day came and went and not a word or phone call out of them. Totally annoyed. Sorry for the RANT but this type of treatment really does annoy me. PS they also told me that Lexus is working on another update to bring wireless connection to Apple Carplay to which I said I hope it's not another £160 update
  4. Thanks, it sounds that £80 is the standard price for the fit no matter what car it is......thats good I'll definitely go and get it fitted
  5. Was that with vat? How long did it take to fit? I thought it might it have cost more than that......I must contact Lexus Belfast and book mine in Thanks for your quick response
  6. Does anyone know how much it costs to have a 2019 Lexus ES retrofit of Apple Carplay and Android Auto by a Dealer. I have searched the internet and asked Lexus but they seem to be unwilling to give approximate cost (maybe because there isn't a standard fee...I don't know). Is it around £100 or much more than that? Thanks
  7. Bernard the more I hear about this the more I think the problem lies with the seems to harden the rubber seal around the sensors which causes them to emit false if I was you I would ask the garage to blast air into the sensors and get them to remove the protection (Ceramic coating) around the rubber seals of the sensors and coat the sensors with a thin layer of silicon or vaseline. You say you did the vaseline trick (and I suspect it didn't work) but did you try to remove the protection just around the sensors (the rubber seals don't need a ceramic coating)? Certainingly you can try the software update but I really don't see how a software update will fix this because it's not every sensor on the cars that is causing the problem and not all sensors reported here are in the same position. In the past I have had two IS cars and none of them every gave this problem but the other two didn't get Full Body Ceramic Protection
  8. Maybe I am wrong but I don’t think it is a software issue. As for your Lexus Dealer saying they know about the issue well they have known about the issue since the UX came out or maybe before and they all seem to say the same answer which is make sure the sensors are dry....which is simply ridiculous and in my opinion a “fob off” to get rid of you. My dealer was slightly better in that they told me they would take the car in and force air through the sensors. I did that myself and then coated the sensors with a very light coating of Vaseline and that was done just before the lockdown and so far I haven’t had any problem with the sensors. Personally I blame the Ceramic coating I had installed by the dealer before I took possession of the car as I think the ceramic coating may have hardened the rubber seal around the sensor
  9. Yes I agree with you, Heavy Rain is something to do with it but remember I have had two other Lexus IS cars and nothing like this has ever appeared on them whereas this new Lexus ES is having this problem and also the new UX whether or not it is the design of the sensors or the ceramic coating harding up the rubbers around the sensors is the problem, I haven't a clue but it also appears that Lexus themselves don't know what is causing it. As I said before, I phoned my Lexus Dealer who I bought the car off said that they knew about the problem but mostly how they sorted it out was bringing the cars in and blowing the water out around the sensors and the rubber seals. Now I don't know if they where just saying that to get rid of me and my problem but it seemed a rather easy way to fix and what I do now is when I am washing the car I always blow dry it after I have washed it down (yes I know it is possibly over the top but I like to look after my cars and detailing is just a bit of a hobby of mine that I like to do). So what I would suggest to you is try not to use that ceramic spray around the sensors and when you get a chance (when it stops raining which it never does in Northern Ireland where i live) try and blow dry the sensors and then coat them lightly with silicon or vasaline and see if that works and let us know in a months time or not. If that doesn't work then I would say it is faulty sensors and back to the dealer to get fixed.....that's my best advise.
  10. Steve, I don’t know if Auto Glym Ceramic Coating would be causing your sensor problem but I got my ceramic coating applied professionally by my Lexus dealer. But why I am looking at it as a culprit is because ceramic coatings are a new process in waxing a car and if you think of it it has Harding process in its chemical DNA and although it does bead the rain and water it may be hardening the rubber around the sensors which may not helping the sensors. Look I’m not saying this is the cause of all our problems but it may be the cause. What you would advise to do is try and blow the excess water away from the sensors.... make them as dry as possible and then spray the silicone or a light covering of Vaseline. It also may be a simple problem of faulty sensors but lets us know how you get on and best of luck.
  11. Lashed here today and yesterday and I took my Lexus ES out today and no annoying sensor warning and lights far so good. So the silcon must be working. Steve, did you get any kind of Cermic coating done on your car?....I'm just trying to track what might be causing this problem because I got a Cermic Coating put on my car immediately before I took purchase of it and I'm thinking this may be causing the problem
  12. Don’t get me wrong but it could be a faulty sensor but it seems strange that the common theme in this problem is a lot of us have had Cermic coating done on our cars. Frank you are totally right about the Lexus brand because I had Volkswagens and Audi’s in the past and they wouldn’t have had the reliability or anything like the driving experience as the latest Lexus ES is just a dream to drive (just a shade to
  13. I do think that the cermic coatings may have a detrimental effect on these sensors....I think it may harden the rubber seals
  14. Frank the Hornet, I would suggest that the next dry day you get, that you go round each of the sensors and either get the lend or buy a high speed blower (I use a small blower that I have for drying the car after washing it). Then you can follow that up with a thin layer of vaseline I phoned my Lexus dealer and spoke to the maintenance manager and he said that they knew about this problem and it was also appearing on the new UX and some of the NX and told me if I ever had the problem again that they would bring the car in to the workshop and put a high speed blower on the sensors and blow any water that would be around them. In my case I think the fault may have been caused by having a cermic coating put on at the dealers in that I think that it may have have hardened the rubber seals around the sensors. Like you I have used vaseline and it seems to work
  15. To be truthful I didn't want to as this only really happened during lockdown plus it wasn't happening all the time. Its the type of thing that I know if I took it to them it wouldn't happen, like that creaking floor board that only happens when you least expect to do and then when you get someone in to fix it it suddenly disappears. I did phone the Dealers and they booked the car in to get a look at it and then..... it suddenly went away. I phoned the Dealers and spoke to their maintenance manager and told him about the sensors and said to him that it had disappeared. He said that this problem had been reported around the country and the fault also was appearing in other models like the UX. He said if it happened again then he told me to bring it up and they would blow air around the sensors and that usually clears the problem....he said the problem was a build up of rain water around the sensors and once you blow the water out it immediately disappears. That's when I came onto this forum to see if anyone had this problem. So here I am trying to get to the problem or the solution. If it gets really bad then I will definitely take it back to them but at the moment it is only intermittent...once every couple of months. I have driven about 4 Lexuses over the last number of years and I have never really had problems with them although in saying that about 10 yrs ago I had a Lexus IS which had rusty alloy wheels and when I took it back to the dealer (the same dealer) they replaced all the alloys and in fact they replaced 3 sets of alloys, so I know the dealer will sort me out....I just don't want to put up with any hassle or doing without this fabulous car for any length of time. Also I will probably be changing it for an EV in about a years time...maybe a Tesla or maybe the ID4 or maybe the Lexus UX electric. My son in law drives a fabulous Golf GTE which gets about over a hundred mpg...yes, don't believe me.....he drives the car to work on pure electric about 20 miles, plugs it into a charger near his work drives home on all electric (20 miles). The only time he has to use the petrol is at the weekends and that is only after driving 30 miles of pure that appears to be the way to go. PS the blue is beautiful in my lexus because it has like sparkly bits in the paint which just lifts the colour.....really beautiful car to drive
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