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  1. welcome aboard pac man, i have just returned myself!
  2. I'm back!! Great big hello to you all, old and new! I used to be a very active member on here many moons ago with my IS200 sport when I lived in Manchester, but then had an affair with an FTO GPX Mivec, sold the Lex, then sold the FTO, moved house and moved on to company cars... However I am now back with an IS200d 2.2TD Advance on a 61 plate that I picked up last week. I have to say it is very nice to be back in an IS... :D So no doubt a load of new members, but are there any old ones that remember me and are still active? I'm Midlands based and will look to get along to some meets this year, time permitting - I now have a wife and 2 kids!!
  3. lol, or maybe i'll skip karting and go for the prolex brands hatch track day, could be a warm up for the toyota sprint series that i'm giving some serious thought - need to get another car first though!
  4. the parrot is a good bit of kit, my missus works in mobile telecoms and parrot is the one to have, good choice mate!
  5. so is this still open then?? fashionably late again......
  6. must thank ken for the personal delivery of my cap last night, you caught me in the middle of dishing dinner up! thanks again ken!
  7. happy birthday wozza, have a good one mate!
  8. happy birthday fella! hope that hangover has gone!!!!!
  9. yeah, thanks ken for sorting this one! was good to see old faces again, and new ones!
  10. the argos bag is the best mod by far!
  11. ken i've sent u a pm mate, hopefully i'm not too late. oh and i will probably be in an audi too
  12. yes it would've been mate, just before i sold the house and moved to atherstone.
  13. 2.0 V6, 200bhp as standard, mines running 225ish bhp with the help of a full HKS zorst and manifold, huge Apexi air intake and a Mivec controller. 0-60 just over 6.5, just under on a nice cold day!
  14. I wanted something a fair bit faster, but never got round to selling the lex, and now i'm back on the lex for some reason? maybe it's just the excitement of having got it going again today, cleaning it and driving it?! It will never beat the experience of cornering in the FTO though, and I've not heard any lex make a noise as great as my FTO, I'm getting old now though... ...pipe and slippers anyone?
  15. the IS200 Sport (at it's last show) the FTO GPX Mivec (taken on phone outside new house) that better wozza??!! (how dare you nick my name! :winky: )
  16. Can anyone recommend a decent bodyshop either in the Midlands or West Oxfordshire way?? I need to get a rear bumper re-spray and a rear spoiler re-spray and attachment after reversing into a flag pole in my fto, so I'm considering a full re-spray. Could also do with getting a few scratches sorted on the IS :shutit:
  17. Just thought I'd pop in and say hi as it's been quite a while!!! Probably a shed load of new faces on here since I last posted!! I've still got the IS, it's been a bit neglected over the last few years due to a love affair with my fto gpx mivec and splitting with the missus, sleeping on a few floors and finally getting everything back together and escaping bankruptcy! Got the IS going again today and she's had a damn good wash and klasse wax and she looks damn fine again! So, to recap, hello again!
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