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  1. I had the same problem when starting cold. Cured it i think by simply depressing the start button before pressing the clutch all the way down. Wait a short while then start. It worked for me, but may have been a one off?
  2. I am must be one of the fortunate ones too. Still in love with my 220D But loved the 250 when i borrowed one for the weekend. No matter what, it has to be Red...
  3. Lived in Saudi Arabia for 3 years. Best time of my life !! If you can deal with some of the issues they have, the crime rate is , well its nil basically. Pretty drastic ways of dealing with misbehaviour etc etc. Wife never felt safer in her life, even though she had to walk behind me by 10 paces....
  4. My god, i cant take my eyes off the thing now when driving !!!!!! Have to agree about the clock, they could have been a bit more exciting when designing it. But no matter, it works so that is fine.
  5. Am a happy Diesel 220 owner, but having been given a 250 for a long weekend break, i can understand your feelings. Life is indeed grand lol enjoy !!!!
  6. Derby dealership has been outstanding for me. Best service i have ever received regardless of make of car.
  7. Ok so here goes, Very first car, identical colour to this one. Bought it in 1982, no licence but a dream. Only bought it because it had 2 electrical arials and Ultravox's Vienna sounded well hard init. Bought this Talbot Horizon because it looked like a Golf GTI when you looked back in the wing mirrors. Not mine obviously as i cant find a pic. Dont think they had cameras in those days. Living in Germany so bought this Cortina for £300 quid. Was in mint condition and a lovely car. Bought this to replace the Cortina. Biggest bag of boll**x i have ever had the misfortune of owning. Bought it from new too. Probably one of the nicest cars I have ever owned. Bought from new and loved every minute of owning it. People used to ask me what on earth it was. Sold the Galant for a deposit on a house. Bought this second hand as a run around. Never let me down. Vrrrrroooom First taste of German cars. Always wanted a Beeeema, so saved the pennys and bought one like this. Was in mint condition and at that time was my pride and joy. Moved to Saudi Arabia for 3 years, so ended up owning 3 differenct cars, all free of charge, including insurance - none, petrol costs - none. Free to bash about in the sand dunes. Brilliant... Loved living in the desert, so much so i got to teach desert driving and survival techniques. Was then asked to put this little chap through its paces in the dunes. Not a bad car but not too good off road. Nice engine though, V8 in such a small car making it very handy when "pottering" through the delights of Riyadh City. Back to the UK with a bump and bought this from new. Overall a nice car, full leather package and pretty nippy. Then wanted somthing a bit bigger, so bought Ghia X TDCI Mondy, brilliant engine and spec, useless Ford after service. Had an ongoing problem with the waste gate valve, always sounded as though the thing had a hole in the exhaust. Ford's answer? Stuff some toilet paper up inside to stop it touching the exhaust !!!.. 10 Months down the line and i got shot of the thing, did a straight swap for this baby. Loved the car. In need to downsize so bought this from new. Sold her eventually to start new business so got this little fella and its for sale if anyone is interested lol And now have my latest pride and joy. Love the thing. Saving up the pennys for this little sweetheart. Had 2 test drives and vvvrrrrrrrooooommmm xoxoxox And this little chap got me out of tonnes of scrapes....
  8. Thanks mate, will give it a go when the sun lets me give it another loving wash lol
  9. Awesome !!!!! Really wide range of cars too. Just literally got back in so will post some pics in the morning. Brilliant fun though and thanks...
  10. Brilliant start to the day yesterday. Washed the car for the first time Tues evening, lovingly washed and at points licked clean Wife took the car for work Weds morning and came back around lunchtime. I went outside to get some bits and pieces out of the car, when i noticed it was covered in tiny droplets. After further examination some simply fell off the paintwork, but some are quite tacky and resemble tree sap.... Decided not to touch her for a day or so and hope that the sap dries off, so i can "pick" them off. Anyone had this before ??? as i have read on here about how soft the Lexus paintwork can be..
  11. Must have been done before, but on the other car forums that i am registered with, there is usually a few posts on owners previous cars, which one was their favourite and posting pics. Good idea ?
  12. Nice one Lah, been watching your posts with eager anticipation. Looking forward to the pics too.
  13. Heres to hoping you get her sorted mate and back on the road, smiling...
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