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  1. Window switch down for 10 secs, up for 10 secs, usually wakes it back up on the bus network.
  2. There is an audio warning when you're very close, it's sort-of an expensive-sounding crunching noise.....
  3. My windows fell off the car network after being disconnected for some trim work - at each window, hold it Down for 5 secs, then Up for 5 secs, then should rejoin the network. May have been the other way round, or longer than 5 secs, but it's something like that.
  4. When I bought my RX400h new in 2008, the Satnav was locked out on the move. I did a map update in around 2011 and it unlocked the majority of the functions on the move, just by inserting the new map DVD. There are now no lockouts at all on any of the Nav functions, and its reasonably easy for driver/passenger to, say, find nearest parking without first having to park, or dally at traffic lights frantically selecting a new destination. About the only thing now locked is the ability to dial numeric phone numbers - only use the quick access numbers - although I vaguely recall from experimenting at the time it WAS still possible to go into the address book, type in full contact details of someone, add them as a quick access... and then dial them (well thought through, very safe).
  5. The detailed instructions I used look like they've evaporated but you can get some clues from Haven't tried the LED bulb idea.
  6. It is pretty awful. There is a shield around the bulb that you can remove, instruction on this forum somewhere (I found them 8 years ago trying to solve the same issue), it improves it a bit but it's still not brilliant (literally or figuratively). I'll see if I can find the link.
  7. Hi, and welcome. I have an 08 RX400h which had the same problem in the cold last week - started fine later on in the morning. Lexus diagnosed it as a cell starting to fade on the 12v battery - original since new - and I've replaced it (Lexus charged £95 all in), apparently 7 years is a reasonable life, do you know whether yours has been replaced ever? Disconnecting and reconnecting shouldn't have any effect unless you think it's an issue with the connection to the battery - which would probably have wider effects.
  8. Agree about the test afterwards - Autoglass etc usually do a water-spray test and cover the screen to do a functional check, but a poorly-bonded sensor mount issue might not show up until you get some rain.
  9. Have had Autoglass replace my RX400h screen a few times over eight years - straightforward. The overall rain sensor system has a mounting bracket that comes bonded onto the screen from the screen manufacturer, so the screen changeout involves unclipping the rain sensor from the bracket (the sensor wires into the top of the rear view mirror mounting), gel back out, old screen off, new screen on, gel pack in, rain sensor clips back on to bracket on new screen, game on. Only time I've ever had a problem was on one occasion when the bracket on the screen wasn't bonded properly (manufacturing fault), the lens thus wasn't flush to the screen, and the sensor was triggering when there was no rain (or vice versa).
  10. I don't think there's a Hill Start Assist, I don't remember it in the manual for my '08 RX, and I've never noticed any symbology coming up after prolonged braking. Yes, it can roll back a bit on steep hills, sounds like yours is OK. Think it's a feature of CVT gearboxes, I had an Audi with a 'multitronic' (CVT) gearbox and it also could roll back on steep hills - conventional autos do as well but it seems they can tolerate more of a gradient. The RX doesn't roll back far/fast, but you do need to be aware of it (and roughly what gradient it happens on) so you can switch feet to left-foot brake before moving off. Or, I suppose, could use the foot-handbrake, which I have probably used nearly ten times in 3 years.
  11. It depends - best to have your current DVD handy (for serial number) and check out
  12. Urban MPG = 30 Urban MPG Auto = 40 Combined MPG Auto= 34.9 Er, that don't make any sense....where did the "auto" nomenclature come from, there is ONLY auto RXs. I think you got your list mixed about a bit. Er... indeed, it doesn't, does it?! I grabbed them off the first website that came up:, only really paid attention to the Combined figure, I assumed the others were urban and extra urban, but didn't check the words. Beats me what it meant - doesn't make much sense for an auto - even CVT - to be that much better than a manual, if one even existed. OK, says Fuel Consumption - Imperial [mpg] Imperial Urban (cold) 31.0 Imperial Extra Urban 37.2 Imperial Combined 34.9
  13. Well said. I'm sure we each have own own opinions on where civility has faded in and out of this thread. Acabucca, do let us know if you get any further with this - my car's on a lease (and thus somewhat untouchable) for a while longer but if I buy it at the end this is something I'd be interested in.
  14. Some good economy runs recently in better weather and am getting 32mpg. Re your initial question '23-26 mpg... is not acceptable in this day and age', well, although I think your's is a bit low, the RX400h's economy is pretty good compared to petrol cars of similar performance/refinement, and once you've learned how to drive it to exploit the hybrid you can see noticeable improvements. The manufacturer's official figures (always assume optimistic given the test profile) are: Urban MPG = 30 Urban MPG Auto = 40 Combined MPG Auto= 34.9 So if a Lexus dealer sold it to return 36 mpg, and you've got that written down somewhere, then you have been mis-sold and should put in a claim. Let us know how that goes...!
  15. I think it depends on the year, they shifted model designations and equipment fit around a bit, but around early 2008 when I bought mine the position was: SE - no display screen, no nav etc. SE Multimedia - display screen, nav, Mark Levinson stereo (comes with the nav) SE-L - as multimedia PLUS rear seat DVD system. So you're right, there is no difference between an SE with multimedia and one with multimedia and satnav - the multimedia is the satnav, screen and everything that comes with it (including ML stereo which can play DVDs in the front). The remaining confusion was that there was an option on the SE Multimedia to add rear-seat DVD/screen, sometimes called the ICE option. This would make it an SE-L in all but badge. Someone might be mis-referring to the rear-seat DVD/screen fit as 'multimedia' although Lexus use that to refer to the front display screen and the associated toys.
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