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  1. Yes but that’s the same as an oem exhaust cheers anyway.
  2. Struggling to find a U.K. company that do just the back boxes performance ones not original. Found a company called madmotors who list this Megan Racing - Infiniti M35/M45 05- Dual Axle Back Exhaust , has anyone ever fitted one of these and if so a better sound ?
  3. My boy has bought a lovely IS250 F sport but wants more noise as too quiet , he was thinking of replacing the exhaust but doesn’t want it to drone away just sound better when he sticks his foot down, does anyone think an induction kit may be a better idea ? Has anyone upgraded theirs to get more noise ? Any advice appreciated. Thanks Phil.
  4. My son bought a is250 f sport last week which the selling non Lexus dealer said had full Lexus history so I rang them and asked for the reg and vin number which they gave me then rang Lexus Ipswich and asked them to check if this was the case and they happily gave me details of all the services and dealers who done this so should help you.
  5. Agree with above, I changed mine myself 10 minute job and I just plugged my battery charger in and clipped onto the battery terminal wires and then swapped over so no loss of power .
  6. Just get a battery from your local Toyota dealer for a MR2 roadster! They are the same battery but a lot cheaper ! I should know as I had both cars and replaced both batteries within a few weeks of each other and the Lexus one was £25 more ! Even picked that up from same dealer too.
  7. When I had my 2006 RX400H I stayed up in Derbyshire and woke the next morning to a couple of feet of snow, we went out all day on small country roads absolutely brilliant in the snow, you’re got good clearance and weight, standard road tyres worked well . I was well impressed.
  8. i believe the small battery only supplies power to the electronics, this then enables the hybrid system to start the car, i dont think the battery starts the starter motor.
  9. My MR2 is a 2003 mate, 230mm length X 120 mm wide X 190mm height approx mine I believe to be a Panasonic supplied by Toyota if this helps. You need to just make sure the terminals are located the same as original if you are getting a different make etc mate. + & - in same place.
  10. It's just a standard run of the mill battery nothing special hence its the same on the Toyota MR2 ! I ordered mine from my nearest Lexus dealer in Norwich which was same franchise as my local Toyota dealer so asked them to send it down to the local Toyota garage for me, I paid over the phone and when I went to pick it up the guy in the parts department said if you had ordered one for a mr2 it would have been cheaper! When I got home looked at the MR2 and is exact ! I since have had to have one on the MR2 and same part number. panasonic T28800-YZZJU. £62.57p 24/05/2017
  11. Some advice, they are the exact same battery as fitted to a MR2 roadster only about £20 cheaper for the MR2. I have both cars and found this out after I paid more for the Lexus.
  12. I've driven mine in the snow a few years back fairly deep and found it superb with plenty of grip and stability, standard tyres aswell, maybe the extra weight of the hybrid batteries helped.
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