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  1. Was mine for 11 years mate.
  2. hello , you'll probably find it's the clutch mate, most likely nothing wrong with it, it's something to do with them being dual mass or something. mine does it too if i set off a certain way. there are a few threads on here about it, hope this helps take it easy EDIT: didn't see the first reply sorry!!!!!!
  3. hello and welcome to the forum :) enjoy
  4. hello and welcome :)
  5. i got a couple of pics, but it's been so long since i uploaded.............. now i've forgotten, DOH!! EDIT: and now with help from Mr Mole(what a great guy) pics ha ha
  6. finchy

    Newbie Here

    hello and welcome, enjoy the motor!!
  7. drive safely everyone, see ya in a bit!!
  8. click for thread on removing click for thread on the fitting and stuff couple of decent links :)
  9. welcome fella, you spotted anything yet? watch out for the dodgy ones that are on the bay at the mo! take it easy and good luck :)
  10. welcome fella, nice motor :)
  11. i try and get there at least twice a week, just for a swim and a sauna :)