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  1. Customisation at new

    Wow, doesn't everyone get the leather folder? I thought that was all part of the "Lexus Experience"
  2. In amongst the information on the portal, I stumbled across this amongst the customisation items LEXUS IS300H PORTFOL GBNGL-813IS-VP anyone have a clue as to what it is?
  3. Tyre Tip

    Dunlops website is such a pain to navigate, can't find them even though we know they exist!
  4. Just to give an idea, a few, not all of the boards favourites. We had better not get into load index, that's a whole other thread. 2 x 225/40 R18 2 x 255/35 R18 Fitting Total Costco Michelin Pilot Sports 4 191.96 266 35.32 493.28 Oponeo ER33 Lexus 216 296 Inclusive 512 Oponeo Michelin Pilot Sport 4 198 276 Inclusive 474 Oponeo Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2 176 250 Inclusive 426 Oponeo Pirelli Pzero 176 232 Inclusive 408 Black Circles Michelin Pilot Sport 4 211.98 285.98 Inclusive 497.96 Black Circles Pirelli Pzero 201.72 261.7 Inclusive 463.42 Black Circles Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2 197.76 254.44 Inclusive 452.2 Black Circles Bridgestone Potenza S001 203.18 255.04 Inclusive 458.22 Black Circles Continental Sport Contact 5 203.72 281.72 Inclusive 485.44 Black Circles Uniroyal Rainsport 3 167.96 226.6 Inclusive 394.56
  5. Its always a personal choice, but I never compromise on tyres. A total extra couple of hundred quid between mid range and premium for better stopping, handling in the wet and noise my view, an easy decision
  6. Premium sat nav or standard Mark Levinson stereo or standard AVC adaptive suspension or standard These are the big ticket options that affect value in conjunction with the colour combo. Don't forget tyres for an F-Sport if they are close to replacement you are looking at £500-£750
  7. Tyre Tip

    Thanks for the responses. While I used and liked Uniroyal Rainsports on a Nissan 200SX , neither Uniroyal, Michelin or Dunlop show the rears as being available in 90Y on their websites. Would be interesting to know the spec' on the OEM Dunlops fitted to your new car Steve.
  8. Tyre Tip

    Lots of useful information on this thread, however, a little generalised in view of the multitude of tyre sizes (and specifications) fitted across the IS gen 3 range. My personal search is for replacements for the 225/40 R18 88Y, 255/35 R18 90Y OEM combo Bridgestone Turanza ER33's fitted to my IS300h F-Sport. The ER33's are decent, but I would prefer something softer, grippier, quieter and more water shifting. While there are plenty of choices size wise, the vast majority are with a load index of 94, are run flats or have a W speed rating . I don't really want to head in any of those directions where I personally feel ride comfort would be compromised, and then with an increased load index there are the issues around finding a "correct" tyre pressure and associated tyre wear issues. I have used Continental SportContact5's on previous cars and loved them, interestingly tyre finder they give a blank "we do not have a suitable tyre for your vehicle" message, even though they do the right size for the rears, but with a 94 load index. Despite trolling through MyTyres, Opinio, Black Circles, KwickFit, umpteen others and the Premium (and mid range) manufacturers own web sites, currently I have only managed to identify direct replacement ER33's and tucked away in the Bridgestone site there seem to be Potenza S001's that may or may not be the dreaded run flats. Has anyone managed to find a Premium direct replacement?
  9. Lexus Connected sign in

    Jason, connected gives access to Routes planned at home on your tablet or pc and stored on the portal Traffic information Parking information Google search Google Street view Panoramio (soon to close Google site for nearby photos)
  10. So I have just made the switch from my much loved, and hugely reliable Gen 1 IS300 Sport to a three year old IS300h F Sport. Love the hybrid experience already, and enhanced further as my purchase came with a Mark Levinson stereo, AVS, and Premium Navigation. I have spent a lot of time setting up a portal account, and the various bits and pieces to my preference but one thing is driving me mad. The Lexus Connected service asks for portal username and password every time I want to connect whether for street view, parking or whatever. It's not a connection issue, Bluetooth WiFi whatever, that is all fine. It just seems I have missed a place of input where the information is retained, if not, and you do have to enter every time you use the service it is almost dissuading me from even bother using connected. Any thoughts? Have I overlooked something dumb?
  11. Ride Comfort

    When I first bought my IS300 the tyres were a bit ropey and were suffering from the standard geometry setting problem of front tyre, inside edge wear. So a new set of Bridgestone RE040 and a trip to Mr Bones at WIM soon had me thinking what a lovely set up I had. Well a few years later, a few replacement Bridgestones later and a few years of daily toil over the speed bumps in the most speed bump infested local authority in the UK (Ealing) I found nasty inside edge wear had returned and taken a pair of fronts to an early death. This time I queried tyre choice with a few friends in both the tyre and performance industries. No real consensus but after a lot of consideration I chose Continental Contact 5's This was closely followed by a visit to Doctor Bones surgery for corrective adjustment. Cant believe how transformed the car is. Without getting too anal about it, the softer tyre walls means ride comfort is so much improved and road noise is hugely down, I couldn't believe such a quiet car to begin with could be so improved. And thanks to Tony, hopefully a decent lifespan. A visit to WIM, the trip all IS200/300 owners should treat themselves to.
  12. New Double Din Oem Sat Nav; Done

    The DVB tuner was really a vanity, show off thing. While it works (and on the move) it needs a retune if you travel any distance. ie. between transmitter areas. Picture breakup seems to be dependant on the terrain around you, I dont think it would work too well in Cumbria or the Highlands. Stuck in my morning commute traffic jam, it wont miss a thing.
  13. When I first got my IS300, one of the first things I did was install a Grom. Not that the OEM stereo is poor, it is just a little outdated and I'm a big mp3 user. After a while I did begin to become frustrated with the Grom in that I don't just stick a few albums on a USB, I carry a lot of new music with me and with the Grom it's too easy to get lost and wonder who the hell you are listening to. You can make little folder lists of course but that is just an added chore. So, there are loads of decent double din head units out there, let's upgrade! Then I started researching a bit on both MyIs and the LOCUK forums and find things are not quite so simple as they should be. My car is a 2004 IS300 Sport with OEM SatNav, it also has a Lexus original fit Handsfree system (actually a T.H. Bury unit). So the SatNav is going to cause me a problem. I could go for a super Double Din with Bluetooth and SatNav built in but I'm not keen on this. I like the OEM screen position and it works. So after trawling the forums I find there are folks out there who have made "units" to fool the system polling and let you retain the OEM. Ok that I think can be resolved. Next up is the fascia and I'm just so glad I came across this thread Non JDM dash thread although I have to say the differing opinions do cloud the issue. Nevertheless I came across both a cheap Bestkits fascia, and a Scosche fascia on Ebay and bought both. When it arrived, I couldn't install the Bestkits, to me the texture is wrong. The Scosche is a much better item both in terms of fit and finish. So now a harness, lots on Ebay but when querying the suppliers all say you will lose your SatNav. Ok the Metra unit lots of them on Ebay and I start noting postings on the poor sound quality. I don't know if these guys are fussy audiophiles or there is a problem. Anyway it's unsettling enough for me to be wary. At this point I came across a thread about BeatSonic fascias and harnesses. Interesting and when I queried the USA site about the SatNav issue they put me in touch with the extremely helpful Miah at HQ in Japan. After a flurry of emails trying to identify the OEM head unit Amp etc. I ordered up an SLA-91 this is both a harness and what looks like a very nice JDM type fascia. at £117 a tad expensive but I adopt a let's see what the products are like after all the JDM fascias are a bit pricey on their own. I would add this is the harness for the 20 pin OEM connector. BeatSonic Japan Website SLA-91 BeatSonic USA Website SLA-91 Thanks to the EMS tracking I know the parcel takes just two days to arrive in the UK then it spends 8 days while Her Majestys Revenue and Customs ***** around and then decide to add another £30 to get delivery. Thanks guys your work is so appreciated. When I finally get to look at the kit, the fascia is a dead ringer for the JDM very, very nice, but I can't use it without adapting it. While it has a hole for the Traction control it has a pocket (for an i-pod?) where I would have my heated seat switches . It can be done this thread explains,JDM plus Heated Seat Switches if you can read Swedish, but I think we all get the drift. Anyways I have the Scosche which while not as substantial or aestheticaly pleasing, it will do the job. If anyone is interested in a gorgeous Beatsonic fascia which is going spare, let me know. The harness, well all I want it to do is work, nonetheless it is a well put together bit of kit. So what happened? it all went together very simply, and it all works straight out of the box, which includes the retention of the SatNav . Its a Pioneer AVH 3200 with a Beat Diversity DVB tuner connected as the AV input. The Pioneers piano black finish is not right with the Lexus dash texture but I'm happy enough with the good points it has going for it. Can only recommend the Beatsonic kit Thanks to Miah for extreme patience and to Simeon and Lee at Devalo who did the installation for me and now know more about fitting a new unit to a Lexus than they really want to. Just one strange thing, the aircon is now always off when I turn the ignition on. Before it would always remember if it was on or off before turning the engine off. Hey I can live with that! All those who contacted me about the SatNav issue take heart, it can be done and it's quite straightforward just get in touch with BeatSonic.
  14. Help I Have A Cd Stuck!

    Try this from the MyIS300 forum How to get at stuck CD's