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    Dad owns lexi gs430
  1. My name isn't Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
  2. Loz, I've never bought a lexus from new. The 430 was 12 months old when we had it, it used to be owned by lexus. Dave
  3. Just so you know: The gs was sold a few weeks ago to a guy in Bromsgrove, and yes we left a flyer ;) So look out for any newbies or a gs cruisin' around the redditch, bromsgrove area(Worcestershire). The garage reduced the price as it was stuck to the forecourt :o Mac, yep definatly ours. That photo was took outside the bromsgrove dealer :D Loz, we took the sports wheels off and sold them to a guy after he saw them advertised on here! We put the standard wheels on, absolutly no idea what size, sorry!
  4. Hmmm, i know it's school holidays and everything ... BUT, Wayyyyyy past your bedtime young lady Lights out .... B) it was not me... , it was my double As for loz you should be ashamed of yourself but I'll keep my mouth shut :shutit: because I still aint sent you the mystery object from the back of the ''very sexy yellow TVR's'' car boot sale
  5. Only thinking what was best for me Well to me it tastes pretty anyway Nice hot chocolate out of the drinks machine is all i need :D
  6. Cheers Sammy! Well the beer was out of bounds for me All 24 cans got put in the fridge in the hospitality unit B) BTW Thanks Steve without you I wouldn't have claimed it ;)
  7. Would that be the fosters by any chance? :D :D :D sportie's beer winning daughter.
  8. Not quite! I prefer the name kevinette :D
  9. As for what part of the car I got: nothing!!! hint hint dad BUT got to smell the burning rubber of the yellow submarine