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  1. What Did You Do To Your Is 200/300 Today

    Missing mine too. ...and regrets!
  2. What Did You Do To Your Is 200/300 Today

    I sold mine after years of great service, time to move onto something more practical. Would have loved to keep it but not an option at the moment, maybe later! A great car, great forum - thanks for the tips n tricks! I am sure I will be back!
  3. Help With Cam Belts...?

    The four bolts on the first one are to fit the pulley wheel onto the water pump. Have you tried carparts4less? Just put in your reg and you will get recommendations, free delivery and discount. Even if just to price check have a look. Good luck and enjoy the car.
  4. Can Anyone Identify This Rattle?

    Hope it has been resolved. Could it be water pump? I had a similar noise on mine a while ago I used a long handled screwdriver to listen to the horrendous noise coming from the steel pipe running from the back of the water pump towards the manifold covers. The water pump itself didnt sound too bad!
  5. Highest Mileage Is200?

    54 plate with 102789 miles - apart from regular 12 month/10k service, water pump and battery no other costs apart from fuel. Drives like it'll do another 100k. Hope I have not spoken too soon, but doubt it!
  6. Lexus Is200 White Spot Marks Around The Engine?

    Looks like a bit around the waterpump gasket area, did anyone spill some of it - that has got caught on a belt and spread around? Keep an eye on the coolant levels. If you have red/pink antifreeze it would dry pink?
  7. Caliper Piston Rewind Tool

    Hi There is an excellent post on the site somewhere with photos. This shows the job can be done with a pair of plumbers pipe grips. Sorry can't remember where I saw it. May have been in the GS or LS forum. Try searching using the search box top right. Had a quick look again.... http://www.lexusowne...hl= slider pin Not sure if first copy and paste will work, sorry!
  8. Oil In The Air Filter Box!

    Take off oil filler cap and check inside
  9. Front Discs/pads Pagid Or Mintex?

    I have been using Pagid discs and pads on the front for a while now, absolutely no problems so far. Also check out the prices on carpart4less you might save another ca£20. If you find Lexus will price match try it on.
  10. Just clocked up 100k. MOT in December and sailed through. 100k service yesterday - done by a mate who works for a prestige marque. Whilst in the servicing bay he gets lots of positive feedback on the looks and standard of build of this awesome car. All I've done is put on tyres when needed. Replaced discs and pads on front, pads on rear and a water pump in that time. I bought the car in 2010 with 40k. Service every 10k. Still a great car. Fuel consumption a bit higher than some of the other cars I have owned, mostly 2000cc. I am happy with the whole package overall! Good luck on your search for your IS200 - check out the 'What to look for' threads on this friendly, helpful and informative Forum.
  11. Key Problem

    Try using remote key near the boot/rear window that's where the sensor is. If it still doesn't work, you will have to put the key into the door lock and open car that way. Sounds like battery though CR1616?
  12. Brake Pads

    CARPARTS4LESS also do deals and supply Europarts. Web based and free delivery, look for discount offers.
  13. Leaky Sunroof

    Sorry Vasilis - I have had to clear mine recently and thought I had done this on tilt. As sjrainsford I also cleared by pouring water into channel and made sure it escaped. Some sites recommend blowing air from the bottom of the rear tubes.
  14. Leaky Sunroof

    You should see the rear ones with the sunroof on tilt! Some other posts warn that if you use anything to stiff you could disconnect the pipes, so beware!
  15. The Cars I've Owned List

    Owned from 1971 - Present date. * at the same time 1. Fiat 124 2. VW Beetle 1302LS 3. VW Golf 1600LS 4. Mazda 929L Estate LHD 5. Mazda 626 2.0 6. Mazda 929 coupe 7. Mazda 626 8. Suzuki Vitara 1.6 JX* 9. Vectra 1.8LS* 10. Lexus IS200 SE Aero Next car likely to be IS250 similar
  16. Car Wont Start

    Is your battery ok? - might have enough power to operate the items you have listed but maybe not enough to kick to turn the starter motor.
  17. Starter Motor?

    Hi ALL I have a strange one, the other morning I tried to start my car (IS200 SE 2004) and it would not fire up, could hear the clicking of the relay and starter motor but would not fire. Tried a few times and with headlights on and no dimming was noticed. My car is garaged overnight. Got it started by pushing down my drive in reverse and bump started it. It started ok during the rest of the day and this morning started no problem. My battery is showing good charge and the blue indicator on battery suggests good state of health. I have noticed a bit of a whine (like electric motor/jet engine sound) that is noticeable inside the car but not outside. Checked the belts and alternator all seem ok. Anyone else had this problem? I think my bump start may have cleared the contacts in the starter motor. Still got the whine but not as noticeable! Regards John S Dorset
  18. Starter Motor?

    Mine is more of a whine and since my bump start the car has started everytime but still whines (more so after a long run). Odd thing happened yesterday though! I parked in multi storey and folded mirrors in using electric open/closer, when I got back into car to open the mirrors only the driver side engaged and opened. Closed them and tried again this time both opened. Car being serviced next week so will ask for checks. I think the symptoms of starter motor problems probably differ from car to car and what part is defective. Thanks for response though. UPDATE: Turned out to be battery in then end after all! New battery fitted and no further problems (apart from the slight whine noise) - starter motor lubed and much better. Don't rely on the blue light indicator if you have one on the battery!
  19. Starter Motor?

    Thanks Rick I have done a bit of research and think your diagnosis is probably correct. Car still starts with no problems after this incident. Due a service and MOT early Dec so will get it checked out then. Thanks for reply.
  20. Manuals.....

    Hi You should find everything you need here http://bahamutcars.f...p/workshop.html
  21. Loseing Coolant Need Advice !

    Check around the waterpump housing for pinky crusty stuff, check under radiator - how quickly does fluid dissapear?
  22. Sick Of My Keys Snapping! : ( Help !

    I got two recently off ebay (toyota key). They have the lexus logo on for about £4 and have coloured cases too (pink for the wife). Cut no problem by local locksmith, be aware though that Timpson's will not cut blanks from ebay. Reason I bought two is one of my 2 originals snapped so felt a spare would be sensible. Key works fine, is slightly longer than original but works just as well. Make sure you do the grub screw up tight (but not overly) both of mine fell out! John
  23. Remote Locking/alarm Not Working

    Hi Try the key near the back window(of your car that's where the receiver is)!, saw that worked on another thread on this site. Interference was the cause in the end. This will help a tempory fix if battery is on its way out too. But battery change has to be the second route if this doesn't work for you. John
  24. TBH never tried to take one off. Does your roof lining feel wet near the rear window/aerial? Check your sunroof channels I think they run along the inside of the car and exit near the rear wheel arches. My problem was solved by cleaning the rubber seal around the sunroof. I have seen other posts on here about clearing the drains in the sunroof area. Worth checking them out if you haven't. Good Luck
  25. Not sure if there are any in the boot seal area. Drains are in sunroof area, two in the front corners and two in the rear corners. May need to check rain not getting into aerial base? Hope this is helpful or someone else gives you a tip. I have had this problem in the past, maybe rain getting into sunroof seal and running along inside. Do you park on a hill?