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  1. Fraid not John, it's not the end of the world at least. Hope you're still enjoying your new ride, I still love mine to bits. Ed
  2. Has anyone else noticed they have to sign in every time they load the site, a real PITA
  3. I've had my 2010 RX450h , came with a 1 year warranty which I extended to 3 with an additional 24 months for £900. I returned the car because of a fair few squeaks and groans and they did a great job, one fault popped up was the electric steering column which they replaced (apparently a £4k job!). Not a cheep in the last 15 months and passed latest MOT with no advisories. I reckon it's been a relatively cheap car to run, hybrid technology reduces a lot of the wear items like belts, brakes etc. I have standard suspension and have seen people worry about air suspension but in this model (3RX) no reports. I'd say go for it, the Premier does have all the toys, a sunroof is the icing on the cake, my only regret. Good luck, a good price to I think for a Premier.
  4. I got locked out for an hour or so, don't think I like the new look John.
  5. So Whats Your Profession?

    Ed, Beekeeper for a few years now, previous life was a Licensing Official with Glasgow City Council till early retirement deal 7 years ago allowing me to work with the bees
  6. HID Xenon Bulb Change

    Hi Rayaan, yes, i took the shroud off and there was quite clear access to the bulbs, no different to replacing a halogen bulb, in fact much easier, none of those fiddly spring mechanisms that hold in H7 and H4 bulbs. Nitrile gloves are an essential, don't want to drop those expensive babies.
  7. Hello all, I've just bought replacement bulbs for my 2010 RX450 SEi, I wondered about the diminishing light output and have read these bulbs do deteriorate after a few years. Bought Osram Nightbreakers Unlimited from ECP for £80 and was wondering if anyone has ever changed their bulbs on these cars or should i ask a garage to fit them? Any pointers would be most gratefully received. I'll be only too happy to give feedback when the job is done. Do i need to disconnect the battery? Access problems etc or just any thoughts in general Many thanks Ed
  8. HID Xenon Bulb Change

    Replaced the bulbs yesterday, quite a stunning improvement, difficult to know if the bulbs are better or if the old ones were just dimming with age. Actually a very easy job.
  9. Mould under rear lights

    Perhaps use dental floss or similar to clean it out? I have it on my RX and will attempt to clean in the warmer weather.
  10. HID Xenon Bulb Change

    High voltages, yes, I could see that ending badly! Many thanks Rayaan, you've introduced just enough doubt in my mind. Think I'll phone Lexus Glasgow and ask them to do it.... You are truly a star in this community Ed PS, applied Sonax BSD, not particularly smooth or pleasant to apply but after some rain last night I am gobsmacked at the water beading and running off the car, great find.
  11. I think that's a great idea, I have a rattle from my rear tailgate I suspect, I've just ordered some. I'm loving this thread, I just wish I could justify a second car, the GS450h is so lovely and absolutely rapid from a test drive I had a few years ago.
  12. What a stunning car, I love the colour combo too, , a sunroof would be the icing on the cake, the one thing i don't have on my RX sadly Ed
  13. Halford Bargain

    I bought this at halfords for £30, a lot at the time I thought but it is incredible stuff, a little goes a long way. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. I'd advise an older RX over a newer NX any time, as lovely as the NX is, and it's very jazzy inside, it is smaller, and not a patch on the power of the RX. I've had a couple of decent runs in the NX as a courtesy vehicle for 48 hours. I don't think the RX is an expensive car to maintain at all.
  15. I reckon you are spot on with short journeys in winter, over the last four weeks I have averaged 27mpg, mostly short journeys in pretty baltic and wet conditions.In summer I average 33mpg. TBH no cars will excel in these conditions including filthy diesels....
  16. Rear washer pipe I would hazard to guess?
  17. Merry Xmas Piers, and no advisories for 2018 to everyone... Ed
  18. My local dealer in Glasgow, whom I trust completely, has always told me to regularly use the footbrake, when it's not used you end up with problems. I as long get the sliding pins on the calipers lubed twice a year, doesn't cost much and new calipers as re very pricey. If you need new pads after two months I would be disappointed that your dealer didn't pick up on it. Good luck. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  19. Uk Gov MOT Checker

    That is actually a very good service, I'll bookmark it, thanks a lot Ed
  20. 19”s on S2 RX350

    Mice to have a wife that appreciates the change. My wife is car blind, drives me mad at times. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  21. For Sale set of Lexus RX450H tyres in excellent condition from 2010 model year RX. In generally excellent with only two small kerb rashes, too small to consider refurbishing. Photos will show the kerbing. Tyres are Bridgestone Dueller OE equipment. Tyres have 3 - 4mm though edges on 2 worn due to under inflation but tyres still perfectly legal and safe. Only for sale due to 18" wheels now fitted. Priced at £275.00 Lexus_RX_450_Wheels_&
  22. 19”s on S2 RX350

    I recognize those wheels, they look a treat, glad you had no issues. Ed
  23. That would be my first place to look also. Any belts on the RX300?
  24. Stainless steel braided brake lines

    winter tyres, don't get me started.......