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  1. Mail me your reg number and I'll get a price together for you.
  2. hey, ebc used to be good and for various reasons, inc quality i stoped dealing with them at the garage, but on a plus note i'm now an official brembo brakes dealer, and they now do standard spec brakes, not just big upgrades. email me your reg for a price, you'll be surprised!
  3. good luck, ive been thinking of doing the same before i start going down the supercharger route. if you need any tips on the job i have had mine out last winter when it was off the road
  4. i have c4fwr for craig alexander fowler on my is200 cost £389 from reg transfers 2 years ago
  5. non gold are not allowed to sell on the forums as per t&c's.
  6. start with the basics, service it well, hks service kit best option, help the engine breath - air filter system then help the engine breath out with a higher flow exhaust system. good tyres and brakes and then thats you then needing to spend some real money to push it any more
  7. ever thought about independent block exemption servicing? keep your warranty intact and save you plenty money in the mean for service intervals, i would never go any further than 10k between oil changes or 20k for the other filter (+ plugs in a petrol)i do my is200 every 6k miles
  8. hey guys, looking for some help please after some little tw@t decided to test the alarms in our street i'm now needing two front fog lamps for my is200, anyone got any spares?
  9. got my engine back in, and back on this again, any sellers?
  10. you can take the cat out and the turbulence can on the hks silent power still keeps it low. you may be better going for a custom system if you want noise. i'll buy your hks one tho ;)
  11. as a new authorised agent i can now supply oem spec brembo brakes.if you email me your registration number i can price a set sent to you if you'd like? normally pricing is around the ebc equivelent price so not bad for the tech
  12. Hey guys, just put the new oe spec Brembo brake kit on my car, just the same price as the other aftermarket options available and highly recommend it. if any one would like some pm me and i'll give you my contacts details for parts only the front pads and discs set was £150+vat and the rear set was £110+vat
  13. try and find the a/c compressor relay and pull it out, send power down to the pump and let me know what happens
  14. before you got new gas put in the system what did you repair? i mean why did you get it re-gassed? the system in your car should not naturally run out of gas untill the year 2019. so if it needed topped up you have a leak, regassing a car 2 or more times can cause coil failure on the a/c pump which will stop the clutch engaging
  15. if your ever near stirling i'll do the full service for £220+vat
  16. i did mine early, and thank god... it had already buffed itsway to being 5mm wide. do it, do it now!!
  17. i've just ordered an hks silent hi flow set up. money dependant its recommended as the best way to go
  18. as above but its the evaporator in the dash your looking for, the condenser is the cooler radiator in front of the engine radiator. check your pollen filter for decomposing leaves and bugs, this is the most common cause of smells in a/c systems, if its dirty go for a carbon fram odor eliminator replacement, these are what we fit
  19. i've just ordered from these guys for my is200
  20. at the moment i have falken extra laod tyres on the rear and kumho sports on the for the water displacement, however on every previous car i've had i've put on uniroyal rainsports, and i will come wintertime on my is200
  21. hey, i've been doing some research into this and its the hks silent high power exhaust for me, just trying to get a system other than just the back box. If this plan fails i'll be going for the blitz nur spec s eystem. the pics i have for these are on my phone but if you can find me on facebook you can see the mobile uplaods of the systems
  22. Racing oil and road oil are much the same, paying for mobile1 or castrol on the other hand is crazy, it's all the same apart from the additives that's why I use the highest possible grade suited to the engine and still pay less than a better known branded basic product. I service everything that comes to us with millers oils.
  23. Looking forward to the website link going up
  24. I use millers cfs 5w40 triple ester racing oil in my 200 but I also use an updated hks oil filter. For normal customers cars millers recommends 10w40 for normal use, 5w30 longlife for extended use
  25. How cheap is the dealer? My exide ones sell for £55
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