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  1. Happy Birthday lexus lee 72!

  2. Hi another gs300 mark 1 owner here. Mine has 195,000 miles on it and is still like new. I would keep it standard if I was you because these cars surely at some point soon are going to go up in value. Rare cars when do you see another. Not often I bet cheers
  3. I think I am right in saying wheeler dealers changed them on the ls400 that they featured. It might be on youtube, sorry if I am wrong , its been a while since I seen it. Cheers.
  4. lexus lee 72

    Favourite Films?

    For me its scum, rita sue and bob too, the elephant man, here we go round the mulberry bush, one flew over the cuckoos nest and lots more now I think about it. Whats yours? Cheers
  5. lexus lee 72

    Best Looking Car Ever Made? My Vote Goes To

    Triumph stag has always done it for me and dont laugh but a hillman avenger tiger. Cheers
  6. I remember the first time i spotted a lexus , do you? Lol. It was around 1992 at a garage on Kenilworth rd coventry. I had a capri 2.8 injection and stopped at this garage as I did about once a month. Among all the cars I spot a big white car with a badge I didnt know. Asked the sales guy about the car and he told me it was the owners and he had another the same in spain. He wouldn't have any other car he said not even the rollers or Bentleys in the main showroom. God I was impressed and wanted to know more. Have had 1 now and loved it and now have a gs300 mark 1 which I love. Can't see me owning any other make of car now. Cheers
  7. lexus lee 72

    Need Help

    That was what I was going to say next lol. Try e bay or a lexus breaker in your area. Lexus main dealer will be big bill time lol.
  8. lexus lee 72

    Need Help

    Which reg plate , front or back and do you mean the towing eye cover cheers
  9. Wow love it, very nice. Green is my favourite colour on cars, love the sport alloys also. Mine is burgundy which I like also but not as much as green. Cheers
  10. Cheers gavzdc well done on yours also. So much car for so little money, they can only go up. I live in Coventry and only see about 4 others , so rare also. I recon road tax might get scrapped in the next few years also, so that would be a bonus even if they put a couple of pence on fuel. I only do around 2, 000 miles a year in a car so could be cheap to run for me cheers and enjoy these great cars.
  11. Won a lexus gs300 on e bay for £220 with 1 month m o t, 2 momths tax , 195, 000 miles. It is a r reg 1997 registered 1/8/1997 so must be one of the last mk1's. What a car , runs fine only thing I can see wrong is a slow puncture on one wheel and the parking brake isn't working. Love this car already. Because it was local I thought I would take a chance, I thought if it gets me home and turms out to be a heap , I would keep it for spares and get another but it seems fine. The last owner had it for 9 years and the lacquer on the paint is fine, lucky or what. Will post pictures when I have taken some cheers
  12. cool can't wait for the piccys sounds like a bargain! i only paid £475 for my mark 2 with 210.000 miles runs on lpg with a long mot and so far no problems.some bargains out there lol!
  13. drink and drugs i recon lol his work dried up quick, just 2 days ago! his tag is delboy deals and he can't spell bless him so i suppose that says it all! car has nasty crease mark on right hand side by petrol flap! probably only worth £500.he can't afford the petrol or get insured or both is nearer the truth i recon! not worth the £1200 he recon's he paid!
  14. would still like to see it in prac clack lol any exposure for these wonderful cars can only be a good thing. they can only go on about mk 2 jags and the like for so long before readers get bored. and how about getting younger people involved!