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  1. Urgh... I've got rears with matching discs and they're fine - still need fronts though but Mintex need to pull their finger out and manufacture some more - no one has got them in stock. (Nudge nudge at Pro-Lex) :P
  2. Rear spoiler does make it look 'kev'ved up and ruins what is already a lovely bodykit. Agree with Ruskie though - no graphics as it's too overstated but again, I like subtle bodykits. I'd consider buying ... How much all inclusive to fit and paint? :D
  3. Ugh... cleaning multispokes on a weekend is not my idea of fun. Then again it's my fault for leaving so much time in between cleaning the car! As long as you use an upgraded set of pads (Mintex are good!) and clean your alloys regularly, you shouldn't have too much of a prob with them.
  4. Well, if you stick to the general rule of not paying more than £50 per alloy when refurbishing, you can then work out the cost of the tyres. Do you know which TSW alloys as they have many designs They're well made though but I guess it comes down to personal preference on the look of them. I used to have TSW Imolas with Pirelli's then Avons on my MK3 Golf... they were a bitch to clean though - too many spokes!
  5. I got my W reg for 10k from a dealer. Had 91k on the clock but I was desperate... :D
  6. I've been using it for a bit... it's great isn't it? :D The email client Thunderbird isn't bad either... If no one knows what I'm talking about - check this out.
  7. I'm a bit of a demon with the ol' Photoshop so if anyone requires help, feel free to ask.
  8. If any of you have been unfortunate to experience this bar-steward spyware/malware and it's variants, you will know how awkward it is (if however you use any other browser than IE, you're probably quietly grinning to yourself... :D) For more info, check out Very good site that tells you how to remove the flaming thing.
  9. I shouldn't see any reason why they shouldn't considering both companies use the same alloys.
  10. This place does them. Should get my ones done really...
  11. Wahey! Now I can get a matching pair of front Mintex pads and discs! Top job mate!
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