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  1. I suggest you connect a lexus dealership in case flashing the card damages your car. Imho
  2. You could replace with lexus coils and shocks. I tried coilovers in a 430, didn't last long. I posted about it.
  3. I got my tow bars direct from lexus for the 430 and the mr 3 400.I got one made for the 400 mk 4 based on American specs.
  4. I tried coilovers in a 430 years ago. 3 failed in 700 miles. I put the air shocks back in the front and got lexus standard shocks for th rear. Car handled great.
  5. I would try a panel beater for a cost. It may be an easy fix once the splash guard is removed.
  6. Any high end car scan be a money pit as they get old. Sometimes it the luck of the draw. My 400's only needed servicing and a few other bits and pices where as the 430 a money pit.
  7. The 430 can burn through money very easy, l would go for the 600
  8. Why do you think the ls would be a step back compared to the Volvo