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  1. mr

    I would advise lexus springs and shocks. Coilovers don't appear to work well in the ls430 imho.
  2. Get them from Lexus. I fitted coilovers first, they did not last long. Maybe the Lexus was to heavy.
  3. if you can go back through my posts to about July 2015 all parts required are listed. I did the work myself. The light for the suspension stays on.
  4. When my rear air bags burst I changed front and rear air suspension to coilovers, three of them leaked within a short time. Refitted the front air shocks and got Lexus shocks and springs for the rear. Car handles great.
  5. Just ordered parking and rear pads, mechanic said parking pads completely worn even though l never used hand brake. About €150.00
  6. So far I have not found any company that can convert a 600h.
  7. Contacted Profess, there is no unit for the 600H.
  8. Thanks for all the replies, I will contact the above company.
  9. I found nobody doing bars for Lexus. I had to buy from Lexus for a ls400 (still have them ) and my present ls430. The 430 bars are a p i t .. to fit compared to the 400.
  10. Arm rest in rear seat should allow you to fish out the keys
  11. l meant to say they could not be purchased any where else.
  12. l had to buy roof bars complete from Lexus for my 400 and again for the 430. They could not be fit anywhere.