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  1. Till you get them pumped up l would safely Jack up the car so as not to damage the bags.
  2. One bag will hold its own side up, if not the bag will burst since the air has no where to go.
  3. Good luck, f that is all that's broken l stand corrected. I still don't understand why both sides collapsed
  4. I am 99% sure. make sure the compressor is not left running or you will need to replace it too. You should be able feel the rip in the bags. Sorry to say they are not the best Considering what they cost.
  5. Sorry to say 2 new structs, air bags are blown. each corner feed by its own air line and solinoid
  6. 400 was stainless steel. 430 is just mild steel.
  7. I suggest you connect a lexus dealership in case flashing the card damages your car. Imho