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  1. IS300 in Hong Kong is identical spec to UK being a former british colony they drive on left, only difference is KMH and there wont be the 180 KMH speed limit like on most Japanese cars in Japan ;) No need to fit rear fog lights cos they come as standard on all IS200/300 in HK, just most grey import Altezza's there don't since its not compulsory ! Also in Japan the AS300 is wagon only, no AS300 sedan or such thing as RS300 !
  2. I looked at lexus Europe website, GS350 AWD is sold in Poland so obviously it meets euro emissions, without being stereotypical bit of an irony selling it there of all places and not even sold in Germany and seeing UK is one of Lexus Europes biggest market after Russia anyway
  3. I very much doubt emissions be high on them, there sold in asia, japan Russia and I think Cyprus, part of Europe lol I remember reading the main selling point is better fuel consumption and lower emissions and also cheaper to buy than RX350 that's in turns cheaper than RX400h given RX400h is better on fuel and tax... shame its not in UK since we don't get the RX350 anymore, other parts of Europe does so not as if it don't pass the euro emissions
  4. Thanks people ! pics soon, gonna do few things to it, similer stuff to what I did to my IS200, :)
  5. No I haven't because I don't know other options or know much about GROM or any other 'add on' device but its defo a route I go down, rather than mess with the current stereo/heater unit !! at the moment I sometime use the AUX plugged on ipod but its not quite as good as USB connectivity on my other car a IS200 w/ Alpine stereo !
  6. Im 30 and got a IS250 was my dads and still got IS200 always like these 'big' or saloon cars all my mates never understood or keen, they got hatchbacks there about same age as me being 3 /4 of them are older than me few years !! I love a LS or GS maybe Infiniti next car ! As for fleet insurance isn't that like trader insurance if you're in a company/business giving you access to drive cars ??
  7. Which one sold better of these 2 generation IS ? I always seen quite a lot of IS200's since being released back in 99 and seen quite a few IS 2nd gen obviously not many as BMW 3 series or C-class like. I remember when my dad got his IS250 56 reg new, the salesman just about managed to source that one from somewhere in UK because he said there was a waiting list at the time for them and that many/most in showrooms had already been sold ? so I assume the 2nd gen IS didn't do too bad ??
  8. It seems smaller saloons are bit more popular outside of UK like in Ireland, shame it don't sell well here, personally I like saloon cars big or small, one of many reason I chose the IS200 / 250, + its different from the usual hatchbacks everywhere that I wont buy anytime soon for that reason ! I like the A3 saloon, looks like a A4 but smaller lol
  9. Anyone changed the head unit on a IS220d/ 250 ?? because there is the clock and a/c / heater unit combined with stereo ? only reason is that people been doing this on the 1st gen IS200/300 and what with autoleads / scosche fascia plates readily avaliable but never seen anything like this done on a IS220/250, i quite like the alpine stereo with blue tooth and usb connectivity on my second lexus a IS200 !
  10. Hey,im john from Essex southend, i got a IS250 was my dads he moved to soemthing else so i bought is250 off him, i still got my IS200 lol i owned a IS200 before so its 3rd lexus but 2nd IS200 :)
  11. Yeah why cant we atleast get a c300, they are made in RHD because they have them in Japan, south Africa and Hong kong, in places like Germany you still get a c300 / 350 so its not to do with not passing euro emissions and despite diesel cars are a bigger seller in Europe than UK!! & the new e class biggest petrol one is e250 1.8 lol so lexus GS and BMW 5 series it is :)
  12. I prefer a choose jap car everytime well nearly, lol, I chose a IS250 over a BMW but yet again if it i to buy a new or nearly new car I would choose a BMW 3 series over a Mercedes c class every time, you seen the choice of petrol engines offred by c class ? I mean C250 sure its fast and comparable performance to a IS250 or any other 2.5 but its 1.8 and it don't think it would have the smoothness and sound of a V6 even if it has performance!!, not 2.0+ as I first thought and UK don't even get the c300 or c350 petrol BMW has a 2.5 and 3.0 petrol !
  13. Shame the IS350 wont be here, and hope they wont stop bringing the is250 after a while ! I rather IS250 than mercedes C250 imo, i remember when the 2nd gen IS was released, there was a short waiting list as demands were big ?? lexus just about managed to source an IS250 from somewhere so they cant be doing that bad with the IS despite critics always saying its behind competitors like BMW / Benz ??