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  1. Alas not 🙂 I'm seriosuly considering getting Cross Rails and a couple of bike holders as I intend to keep the UX a while. Anyone any experience of these?
  2. Mercury Grey and Cobalt on standard with Premium Plus Pack. They are throwing in adventure pack
  3. Well my order is in. Great that I can track on Lexus Link. Dealer thinks we are looking at April but maybe a little sooner. No rush to be honest as can't go far at the minute 🙂
  4. Has anyone tried to buy new in the last few days? We've been looking since Christmas and got to the point of deciding what we wanted and agreeing on a quote last Friday. It's a UX with Premium Plus in a colour not in stock. When the dealer tried to put the order in they came back and said that Lexus have added £1000 to the price of all models that they have to order in across the board which they didn't know about until they tried to order. They've had to requote us now. I've had my last two cars from this dealer and know they aren't trying to pull a fast one. Just interested to
  5. I think we're there on the Spec we are after. Now to pick a colour and interior We're going Premium plus so will have leather. It's come down to 3 options - has anyone got any of these and could share some pics? Mercury Grey with White Ash Mercury Grey with Cobalt Sonic Titanium with White Ash
  6. Very nice - love the black stripe on the leather. Much nicer than a solid colour all over
  7. Do you have to do this via a phone or can you connect to the house wifi if parked close enough
  8. A sort of related question Does Car Play work through bluetooth or do you need to be connected via USB lead. Also does Car Play allow you to select which Apps are available on the the car?
  9. Does the Sat Nav need paid updates on a UX or can you connect via Wifi (like in my wife's Nissan) and do auto updates?
  10. Bolton had what looked like a very good deal on a Standard black but it was sold by the time i got to them. I'm waiting for two others to get back to me. Would imagine it would be after the weekend now.
  11. Funnily enough I've asked them about that and they (or one dealer not far from me) reckon you can only put a limited amount on 0% so it's not as attractive as it looks !! They also quoted me on a new and a little persuasion has seen them come down £50 a month on PCP and 2 free services from their original quote Just waiting for a couple more to come back to me now to have a proper comparison
  12. I"m 5'8 and my Dad is 5'4 so no issue there 🙂 Thanks for the advice. All dealers seem to be advising that on PCP buying new is cheaper than nearly new. The look continues but hopefully I will be over here soon permanently from the CT Thread
  13. I test drove a UX at last today with Premium Plus Pack. Have to say going from my CT it's fantastic. The "oomph' pulling away and on the motorway was just so different. It felt responsive on country lanes and that was all without going into Sport. I like the electronic boot lift on the Premium Plus Pack. Only slight downside was the screen size being slightly smaller than on my CT. The standard stereo beat my upgraded CT one hands down just listening to some stuff on the radio. Need to do the sums now. Brand New at my regular dealer is better price than nearly new but another l
  14. LF-30 will do me. Just not sure where to put the golf clubs !! Makes Tesla look like a Mini Metro with a ZX Spectrum inside Lexus LF-30 Electrified is more than a concept,driving experience like no other
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