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  1. A good point. I recall an idiot who moved in to one of the Grade two listed terrace houses on the sea front where I live, and proceeded to start to cut up Ford Escort bodies with Oxy-acetelene in the front garden much to the curiosity of passers bye, not to mention the fury of the neighbours bringing the area into disrepute. That person was a nightmare and it took years to put a stop to his unacceptable behaviour. Long story, part of which made a TV documentary.
  2. Interesting. I run the fronts on 31psi unless I am fully loaded (and I mean fully loaded!) when I will put in 34. Perhaps I have this wrong? My experience with the Nexens was the opposite to yours and I had the rear Nexens replaced with Maxxi's last year as I thought they had worn badly. Mind you the Tyre place did say there was another 2k on them.
  3. France 2018 thought I'd do the rust issue on Drivers wing. Wrong paint courtesy of ebay seller who refuesed to accept that it was wrong. Whats seen on the Jam jar lid was the correct colour bought from Auto paint St Helens. Sadly less than a week after this, Hail peppered the car with dents. I have however bought a Can of the correct colour and maybe later this month will make the wing look slightly better. Note the dust free surroundings - not !
  4. Doubt you'll find any '93 Car that has not had the front wing rust repaired and re-sprayed. That Black LS400 has been advertised for several years on the bay which is annoying because the guy doesn't say whats already gone, which is probably 95% of it. See he is also the seller of another. Time wasting to find out no parts available. Then theres the cost of picking up if you are nowhere near, or having Couriered with all the risk that a five foot length of flexible metal will get to you, damaged that is if anyone is likely to want to somehow crate wrap it. Agree with Phil - DIY. Can get various dent pullers. Strip off, and underwing protector removed - Rubber mallet etc. Fortunately it doesn't appear to be above the crease line, so you could just get away with removing the rust and using a large amount of body filler, and the rest of the job. Lots of expert advice online about such work. Who would know other than you? - which of course is always the problem!
  5. Is it a Tyre pressure problem. What pressure do you put in your front tyres?
  6. Real shame. Can usually find a part rust free in the States but they won't ship as prohibitively expensive and unlikely to arrive without damage. I tried several times to get one this way. Pity, I bought a second hand Drivers side as my own showed signs of rust, but it turned out to be not much better.No dents however. I kept it for maybe a year before scrapping it thinking it would need the same amount of work as the one in situ., so why bother to restore it and the hasle of replacing. Personally I'd try to get a panel beater to repair your wing. One of these dent removal guys check out someones work on vuttube and decide if they can do a good job with the wing and dealing with the rust work. Taking off a wing is not so easy, so I've been told. Will never be perfect, but is any '93 Car?
  7. French pipe is twice the thickness of UK 15MM pipe. Difficult even with pipe benders to bend beyond a certain point. If anyone needs a small length of 12mm to shove into 15mm already with either soldered or conversion kit reducers etc, pm me and I'll explain how it was done and send you a length. With 15mm you can get a semi circular end to join the pipes but not for 12mm which is why I had to use Compression joints.
  8. Just had my mechanic replace the power steering pipe with a set I made up. Was 12mm tubing with a 10mm short tube insert and two solder Straight 10mm Couplers on the end to slip the rubber pipe over. Pipe bought in France but may be able to buy in UK? Malcs solution may have been less complicated?
  9. Interesting. Reading the dimensions of the three, the Crown has 12.97 Cu Metres, the LS430 (Celsior) 13.61 and the LS400 12.74. Height wise for a taller person the Crown fares better than the LS400 by 7cm. The Celsior higher by 9cm. The Celsior and LS400 are longer by 9cm and 10cm respectively. Photographs can be deceptive.
  10. Who couldn't live with this?
  11. There's a very nice low mile Celsior available in Japan I've noticed but with the currency exchange rate as it is, it seems just too expensive to import. One other looker from what I read - you perhaps? Looked at the Crown Majesta, year 2004/5 but that Car has a problem with its interior. Poor quality Consoles / Glove box in those Cars have been cracking with the heat, not to mention wood (??) trim on one peeling back like a open Sardine tin. Same engine as the Lexus LS430 and I personally prefer the shape to the Celsior / LS430 but for the quality of the internals - its a no-no. Must stop looking at these auction sites. Just had the Power Steering pipes replaced with 10mm copper pipe I soldered which was the only worry I had on this '93 car. Guess its the six year itch? ps A lovely Crown Majesta year 2000 in smoke silver (my favourite colour after a 500SEL I owned) but at $3,400 and the rest to import - another non starter
  12. Auto paint (St Helens) will send you a sparay can for £16.68 correct colour match if quoted over the phone. Tel 01744 818102. Don't buy cheap off ebay as the sellers paint does not match. I and another member can vouch for this.
  13. Rather taken with a Japanese Car not sold in the UK but wondering if it is possible to get insurance for it as it may be rare in the UK. Is it listed by Adrian Flux? Its running gear is exactly the same as an LS430 or Celsior and its called a Toyota Crown Majesta. 2004/5 is the year model that I'm considering.
  14. Hi John Wondering why no one has mentioned the Toyota Crown Majesta as a possibly slightly more up to date shape than the Celsior. Been looking at them but don't think anyone on this forum has been interested. Perhaps Toyota forum but only seen an Oz forum for the cars. Same drive train as the LS430 but styling perhaps a bit more modern after 2003. Some mention of towing capacity may need clarification, though I don't understand why. One of the defects however is that the Dashboards on these cars seem to have suffered from cracking due to the heat in Japan last year and they all show cracks in the main top part and the glovebox. Am assuming that this is not owing to mechanics needing to pull the console out to do a repair on the Air con system? Antelope wood styling quite interesting. Would insurance be a problem in the Uk where Car virtually unknown?
  15. Check out this George Clooney (Eric the Car guy ) video as it may offer an answer?
  16. Silly thought - arn't we suppose to start the Car with our foot on the brake pedal? Can't offer any thoughts as don't have trac
  17. Thsi looks an interesting opportunity for someone who wants an early vehicle and has the know how to sort the problem which could be ECU related. Peanuts price for a nice looking car.
  18. A good reason to have the earlier non-interference engine - if you are a Gambler
  19. I thought that might raise an eyebrow! Yours is a 1994 Steve and possibly does not look like this? ps Alexander, I don't think any later Cars originally had 17 inch wheels but someone will correct me if I'm wrong on this. A firmer ride with low profile tyres, surely?
  20. The Clear indicators came as a purchase s/hand on the bay USA. Most people prefer to have clears with yellow bulbs. I'm still thinking about a conversion to them to strip LED's
  21. Ps not sure its seen in that photo but having put on new rear Springs (not OEM) the ride height at the back is a couple of inches higher. Has a certain dragster look about it. No change to the comfort of the ride. Changing the springs is a bind as the rear axles have to be shifted out of the way. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  22. Then yours is definataly two tone. Should just be a shade change nothing too obvious. The paint people I mentioned should give you the colour and the price is not unreasonable if you are supplying the paint to the shop. The wheels on the earlier LS400 were 15 inch, our model are 16 inches. I didn't want to muck around with gearing ratios and other things that wheel size changes, involves. Bought those s/hand on ebay from Poland for £180 without tyres. Maxxis all round on them.
  23. Check this out.