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  1. Confess I don't rag mine. Guess I must have grown up! Now wheres that Black Cherry Tobacco and my Pipe. Oh forgot, now called No.2 as can't use the word Cherry for Tobacco.
  2. Real shame and not heard of this before. If intereference engine then not only could you have bent valves but damaged pistons and maybe the cylinder lining. The bent valves are as a result of hitting the Piston. If it cranked over I imagine this will have added damage and you would have heard a rather unpleasant noise. I'm no mechanic but I imagine that its going to be more costly than say buying a s/h engine for £500 and having it installed, albeit you may not know that engines history.
  3. That takes me back to the Sixties when I had a nice Jewish Gentleman in Whittington Avenue EC3 make me a Suit. Always asked if I wanted a Lining to the trousers and a second pair. Also,buttons or the new fangled zip? And for him the slightly embarrasing Q. Er hmm which side do you dress Sir?
  4. Whatever you do, don't buy fancy aluminium caps. They will weld themselves to the brass.
  5. Rather assuming that you will be aware of this Thread, or someone has mentioned it ? Read symptoms.
  6. Could the ride be to do with the fact that perhaps there is less mileage on the Car than your previous, and the suspension has not "settled" as much ?
  7. Can even read the Climate Control settings! Not to mention an almost full Tank - a rarity when people sell, usually the "low " light is on!
  8. You've looked after it well. A broad range of prices it seems these days.
  9. Phone Auto-Paint (St Helens) they'll tell you how they can match your car if you intend sourcing paint.
  10. Having bought Denso from Rock Auto I would let members know that the Lead set were not numbered which surprised me. Were they genuine it makes me ask?
  11. Technically the plugs need to be angled to avoid contact with other leads and plug caps. Don't suppose it will matter. I fear you will have a job forcing down the Cover over those thicker leads. Good luck
  12. I was having a senior moment about the Water pipes - Doh! You have a different MAF sensor?
  13. Certainly can feel the enthusiasm of what you are doing with your car, albeit if I'm not totally clear on some things. Agree with someone who said to always change the discs if you are going to put new Brake pads on, and then you will get maximum efficiency. Also, don't be tempted to burn them up straight away but let them bed in slowly with sensible braking. No warped discs then. I keep looking at one of your photo's and am puzzled by what look to be two large Radiator pipes going downward. One from the Rad and one from the engine. Maybe its just me or later engines had a different set up? Probably me. Having just fitted Denso plug leads, those Magnacor look very pretty but they also look thicker than 5mm. Are they? Beware snagging when putting back the Rocker box cover. Its a trial. I've done it twice, once splicing a brand new Lead and then finding last week that one Lead (Number 7 cylinder) was rather long and abraided against the Cam belt and sprocket. Not something you can see. So the plate is a blanking plate for the egr valve but seems to have a very unusual shape to the Rectangle. Those two blockers in black plastic. Are they brought from Japan or sourced in the UK? I think that the powder coating is a great idea as the aluminium of the parts does get very flaky and pitted with age and the UK climate.
  14. I think there are two sets of prongs on the display piece - with a slight divider area, but its one strip
  15. Paint code is on the plate under the bonnet. 4K9 is Sandstone Beige so if you are 4K7 then you are Champagne Beige Metallic / Taupe Metallic (4K7) Nearest colour in Mercedes that I once had, was called Smoke Silver Here's what you need for the Climate Control
  16. The design of later cars perhaps not as nice as this first? Beauty etc. I think it looks grand. Answers 1/ A real worry and possible expense 2/ Tyre pressure re-checked? 3/ MOT should have checked such parts as would make a clonk 4/ Hope others work alright. May get better with time. 5/ Can buy RHD replacement from US on ebay. The original can't be repaired. 6/ Main one on parcel shelf is not a Ghetto blaster 7/ Stored like this? 8/ Have experienced similar with new TPS. when going downhill and taking foot off accelerator seems to very slightly dive. May require slight adjustment or professional setting. A Lexls video on subject. Could do a fault diagnosis? Lexls video on how.
  17. Just glanced and MR2 repeaters at £21.99 these may be the same as I don't recall spending that amount. ??
  18. Ooops Edit, sorry the Side Repeaters are for an MR2. They are slightly different size and so you need to fiddle with the aperture to make them fit. I used the original Rubber backing rather than what came with the new repeaters.
  19. Good choice Mike but this was what tends to spring to my mind
  20. The Wheels on my '93 are 45 offset. You may (?) have a problem with 40 offset - click on my photo to see what nice OEM Lexus wheels 16 inch look like - Mine are Borbet possibly from an IS200
  21. Back on the road again (as the song goes) . Running smooth. Passed on servicing the IACV as not as easy as it is on the earliest model. Didn't change the Throttle control sensor as need to better understand calibration and replacing Leads may with increased spark resolve my strange misfire at speed and failure to go into O/d. Who knows? The right hand side Spark plug and Leads cover is always a pig and I cut out another piece in the hope I wouldn't snap a Lead. Some people I see cut the piece where it extends to cover the plugs making it a two part, which makes sense, as impossible to see that Leads are snagged or just being pressed down. I know that Spark Plugs are often mentioned and I would say that the Brisk Silver plugs for LPG / CNG seem in very good order after 20k miles. (ask if you'd like to see a photo). I did change them to Denso's just in case there was an issue. Have both sorts of Torque bar but in the end its difficult on some plugs and decided to just use my own understanding of how tight they should feel. Always a fear of over torquing.
  22. Such a shame for a cherished Motor. Hope perhaps a new bonnet may be all thats needed? Can't see the other side of course or Air con stuff. Has the Bumper been destroyed? Hope its repairable Mike
  23. Gave myself more work than I care for - Too old for all this malarkey! However stripped back the plastic to check and replace the plugs, Lead set, Coil (not two- 2nd too difficult to get to) possibly the ECT (Cabling looks difficult to just lift off the unit, so probably will leave alone (temp always constant on long trips) to get to the bottom of the occaisonal misfire on overtaking at speed (120kph) doesn't go into O/D and one in the Dartford Tunnel (45 mph) not something you want to experience. Changed plugs before - Dont buy Prospark! only good thing about them is that they are numbered. however their lengths don't match and as you can see in photo's I've possibly discovered part of the problem. No 1 spark lead (I had to replace put back the old Yazaki lead, three years ago as the plastic shroud or Cam spliced through the No 1 the moment I started the engine. It ran on 7, Doh! Well, you can see No 1 lead has been touching the Cam belt in two places and maybe causing the spark to divert. Not sure. I put in Brisk spark plugs last time as I thought I'd go LPG. THe LPG kit is in my Hall for sale on t'bay as I don't think it will ever happen. Wales is too far to go. Number 5 cylinder plug I pulled and apart from it being oily on the thread the burn looks OK to me. I have a new set of Denso's but they are not easy to get out and the Brisks have only done 20k so may leave in. Wife wants me to take her to the Dentist tomorrow (havn'y you finioshed the job yet? etc (no I made that up) and it should be back together if I leave the plugs. A new Throttle position to be fitted as may be the cause of my problem or wrng calibration. I have diffculty with the Lexls explanation of how to Calibrate. Also each vutube vid always shows three terminals and we have four. Diagram doesn't epclain which is what on Lexls photo. So, busy busy busy! Lucky me!