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  1. This could be the answer. If we talk about normal metal stamped parts, imagine this: low demand and marketing departament are just about to cancel two models, but stamping tools for them (cost millions) are in the middle of lifetime. What do you do, spend another million for next tooling for stampig new IS into coupe, or use what is at hand and already depreciated and try "to glue" all pieces together?
  2. Still bloody expensive. Is it titanium or something or just rip-off on fancy car?
  3. Mercs form '80 and early '90 had awful seats, agreed. BTW one of the most comfy and still remebered seats in all these 15 or more barges I had, it was ford granda scorpio Ghia, exactly last one before body and interior lifting in 1992 - rare fabric interior, as people took Ghia with black leather mostly (and it was not so bad soft nice leather, only delicate, not like typical panzer leather from that era). Foam and shape were sort of normal and comfy enough, but they cover them with sort of syntetic velour: grip as velcro, but very comfy, soft, quiet and cold in summer. Sometimes I got similar stuff in americans "plush" versions, but Ford Germany 1991 top velour was above and beyond any fabric I met. BTW I was always curious about this suede parts in first ISes. I never use IS more than test drive and similar moments, it feels fine, but is it realy fine? and practial?
  4. Ben01

    GS430 aka Silver Tractor

    I just back from Battle of Sensor, won by me a.k.a second attempt to install remote sensor for mp3 player on the top of dash, next to clock/"passenger belt" lamp. Three comments: 1) it works very fine and as planned, the remote works from all cabin, sensor is absolutely no intrusive behind glossy clock front 2) main problem was [censored] RoHS no-lead tin, cracking on tiny wires; when I found a bit of old-skull radioactive russian leaded heavy duty tin at the bottom of the drawer, everything was immediately easier 3) nothing more fun than after a few hours of struggle with big hands and tiny electronics in non-friendly leather and plastic environment and when everything is in place and you about to finish, you suddenly recognise clock's buttons are next to you, not inside the clock. But I am very stubborn sometimes, so it is done. In mean time, I found next malfunction on dash and serious safety breach - backlight bulb for emergency indicator switch has gone. Shame on Lexus. Fixed.
  5. Ben01

    GS430 aka Silver Tractor

    Thank you for comments. After all this job the car is in the mechanical shape I could say: I change my scrappy barges every year or so, but some of them were superior to another and stays with us much longer, like decade sometimes. And GS430 looks like this case, not like my typical "dig it, use it, bin it" car. After reset of VSC lamps car is much smoother and nicer overall, even on LPG in hi demand moments. It suggests even with no error codes on ECU, "state of mind" with "VSC lamps on" significantly marks sort-of half-limp mode, and probably much too rich injection on high demand (this is my theory based on how LPG ECU following gasoline ECU and reacts before and now, and how strange "limp modes" designers put into ECUs of many brands and models I owned). About "no logo" approach - I did not fully realize I have in fact proper "sleeper" or "Q-car" now (a bit of power, common boring silver saloon, "no logo", old plates, awful paint), until some boys in any (hot?)hatches yesterday were first suprised, next desperate to see my rear and to look "what the hell just flies by us".They had no chance. On the other news, I just realize how cheap is rims refurbishing in the area, but I have no idea yet how to organize logistic for this, I have no other car at hand at the moment. Food for thought.
  6. Ben01

    New LS Owner

    Lets formulate this way "I try to be still rational and not given up to common "safety" paranoia and "false risk maps" delivered us wholesale by all media". I would agree to this 😄 BTW nice example last days - insurer insists on better car accident injures cover, but somehow not for any accident injures cover. I bet people are very easy to convince to increase cover (and fee) for car accidents, everybody has seen gore pictures from serious accident, maybe even witness some accident. Gues what accident injury is much much more probable in UK, in your car or at your home.
  7. Ben01

    NX200t - 300H Black Bison kit

    Ok, this circles back to personal taste of adults and discuss it pointless, IMHO.
  8. Nope, true wool fabric, common option for Century. Leather was to rough and noisy in designers minds.
  9. Ben01

    New LS Owner

    With about only 100 LS460 reg 56 on the road, and let say 20% of them dark blue, what is a chance anybody in whole UK wants to clone any LS460 plate like above, or even like my GS430 reg.52 (much much more popular like 300 left, and probably half of them silver)? Reducing from 1:50000000 to 1:100000000 is not worth to use my mouse and to confuse good people from internet 😉
  10. Ben01

    New LS Owner

    Probably. I was always curious (in scientific purposes of course), what exactly bad people from THE INTEHNET could do illegally with plate of elder car, like mine? But never got clear answer. Or maybe: do you think there are more criminals and psychos per picture at lexus forum than in your neighbourhood or city per your street? DO YA?
  11. Ben01

    NX200t - 300H Black Bison kit

    Still more than with pink urban camo? 😄 Fat plastic body kits were fresh and new and brough positive attention in '80, early '90 maybe. But probably not 2018 in your "lexus f-look and performance pack and 4x4 and 1000 elephants" version. Maybe I give you an example - we are living ("by accident") in rich area and share parking with the only pharmacy in the area. Nobody cares too much about porsches, lexuses, jags, even teslas makes sort-of meh now. Any fat body kit could bring some attention maybe, same as spilled oil on parking could bring an attention. Substantial positive head turners start from aston-martin, bentley (unfortunately bentayga too...), ferrari, or oldtimers. And I hope LC500 some day 😉 And you know what everybody passing by looked at a couple days ago, when I just back home from work? Suzuki Jimny. Just black metalic, mint condition and perfect silver celtic knot (painted or stickers? I did not look closer) wide as my hand, horizontal on sides. That was I call uncommon, original, creative and not "I am shakin my wallet, do ya see it from da back? DO YA?" solution to bring an attention to a normal car.
  12. Ben01

    NX200t - 300H Black Bison kit

    But if 12th NX will be in total "rust rod" style or in pink urban camo painting or on fire, you will loose badly Please, don't fool yourself you are looking for attention only, ther are many ways to achive this. Your way is IMVHO common, obvious, non creative and overpriced. And not many people like it, even if they pay more attention. But if it makes you happy, sure.
  13. Ben01

    New LS Owner

    But why?
  14. OK, this sounds much better to me, agreed. My overall feeling on "subject", included theory of "oldie toyota design cues" implementation in Lexus, is a bit different (and two fold). It is not exactly "austere design has had its day" but rather "if brands started as "luxury" and "elite" have a moment in their life they try to appeal to much wider and "popular" target base, they have to change from austere eternal luxury design to bling flamboyant with-strawberry-on-the-top design". IMHO this is a reason LS 1989 interior looks like, and LS 2018 looks like. Other words, toyotas in '70-'80 had to appeal to common people, but '80 Lexus flagship's interior was "austere" and NOT like contemporary toyotas, because she had to appeal only to people who real though about buy a big merc or jag or similar, and she had to impress their neighbours (BTW impress enough only, because shock-factors were tag price and quality). But now she has to appeal to masses, to crowd thinking about UX or CT (and their neighbours perception) too. Another "fold" of two-fold vision, is: who is socio-economical "elite" of society (as precise target for LS500, not for Lexus) and how the elite's taste and aspirations changed last 30 years, but it is pretty obviuos part.
  15. Could be. I don't remember any significant MPG diff. when I fixed callipers in first or second GS300, but I don't care about MPG too much and your hybrid could be much more sensitive for this "action".