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  1. In the context of "public roads" the "fun" and "danger" refere to "driving" obviously (so y-axis is the difference between "fun driving" and "dangerous driving"). It was so obvious for me I ommited this. Sorry for your confusion. On the other hand: "Do you want to see proper 3D chart in the internet? Because thats have you get to see proper 3D chart in the internet". Aaaand next everbody complains they are not coming here for a maths and any charts, and moderator will has to delete this as unsafe content for potential advertising. I am kidding of course, who has time for all this. Not me.
  2. These stickers were pretty popular a years ago:
  3. I made a chart to easy explain my ideas "what is difference between drivetrains in all, but in the public road and safety context too". Scales are relative, but let's say, in my world and mind, the point the red FWD crosses "power axis" is about 200HP, where green AWD crosses x-asix is about 400HP.
  4. If one front wheel it is probable seized anything (piston, pin(s), pads itself even), hot only, or cold and hot, very common problems on elder toyota/lexus. I struggle with same in both previous (but elder and worn) GSes. If it will be two or four wheels, you could be really sorry for your wallet funeral, as this marks up the brake valve unit/pump, etc. and that is I call expensive break down.
  5. Welcome to LOC and I feel your pain. My area is the same, craters not potholes, and they have just cosmetic covered them here and there, but my GS suspension after a month was like after 10 years in the south. But fix this, screw that, and IMHO as yours - it is better floating over in lexus or similar, than pay a dentist bill for cracking teeth in normal car here.
  6. I am not an expert on Lexus DVDs, but in my 2002 car there is this DVD and it works fine, with original DVD drive and panel I think. IIRC it is a last or near last (like a months to last) possible upgrade for this epoch lexus satnav. Just an info. edit: I found again the website I used to investigate subject, there is pretty good search engine for "what do you have in your lexus, and what is going on" (but not a good prices...), mine satnav is described as Generation 01 by this website:
  7. First question, one wheel? all of them? rear? front? Second, if your guy has checked cold callipers, maybe it was fine, but hot calliper could seize piston or pins or even pads only. I have seen this before. Maybe it is worth to check hot brakes for seized parts, before other (and expensive) moves.
  8. Maybe, but in very very theory. When and where and for what driver? For Stig on the track on sunny day? For Sabine on Nurburgring? In what other circumstances me, you or any normal human being need "greater control of the car" gears than any modern AT provide (plus any sport mode etc. if the car has any). And in which part of Argyll exactly? (I am serious, maybe I missed any great road here) I hear this "I need MT for sporty control" all and all in rants on AT. And most funny was friend, who was totaly unhappy with his first AT, and next we have recognised he NEVER EVER pressed pedal to the metal enough to proper switch on the kickdown, in 150HP auto... 🤣 And don't get me wrong - if MT makes you happy, fine. But why make up any strange rationalisations and "facts". Do you like vibrating stick in your hand, or love to slide pure mechanical stuff like proper rifle bolt? admit it without shame. BTW other comments - you could not abuse engine too much with MT these days, modern ECU cuts your stupid ideas first. You could abuse tranny and clutch, axles, etc. but to really abuse engine you have to put good ol'lovely carburetors back. With manual choke for "greater control". I my very humble opinion if AT is weaker link than tyres/grip, fix the car, find better one, etc.
  9. Yeah, it is possible, but I may suggest some design of this first. Like, find the proper diagrams for your car, make a new one modified, think about all issues like this bulb monitoring. And as I mention above - even if you or anybody proper design this vs. this particular GS450 SE-L electric, STILL it is a lot of "simple" electric works, access to harnesses is unfriendly, it is easy to ruin or snap something, etc. you need tools and skills. And last but not least, it should be a very neat job IMHO, the car with messy electrics under the bonnet will have price tag defined by scrapyard, if you ever try to sell her. If you are not a pro, I may suggest to find any in your area, for proper design your IDEA, and manyfacture it neatly. IMHO it is not worth to full training yourself for a pair of DLRs and with complex car like GS450.
  10. BTW I had a fat deja-vu about this "MT vs. AT" arguments (not like "again", because it is again and again, but "I remember this type of discuss, but what was that?"), and just remember what was that: automatic A/C. 20 (or slightly less) years ago, what an ocean of kB was spilled over issues of automatic A/C in all corners of internet, "it's always wrong temperature, it blows into my face, blows not here, but there, I don't get how it works and why it changes this or that, it's costly gadget, it's all wrong and witchcraft, I prefer my oldie goldie "two knob and button" manual A/C". Today - automatic A/C is a standard, manual is for peasants and vans, and I don't think anybody seriously complains (except peasants, for the lack of automatic A/C 😉 ). So wait a moment, a decade or two, when CVT/AT will be de facto standard, and MT for motomaniacs and poor people only - public will forget all this "I would be happy with a manual". Exactly like US now... But I bet we will find something to whine about, maybe on "how dare they ban manual steering and cars without LIDARs in this city zone, safety-shmafety, AI-shmai, my old lexus is fine and I would be happy to steer and brake myself, like good ol'days" 😁
  11. Sorry, I never fully understand this kind of sentiment. What ways exactly? And why people always grief about trannies, not about "I want my manual choke back" or "I'd be happier to set ignition timing manually". Disclaimer - last question is rethoric of course, I perfectly know why: because still there is a choice, MT vs AT, and it is enough to make an issue. And back to the topic - true automation, as "set the owner/driver free from chaffeur-like manual occupation", was always significant factor for premium cars, am I right?
  12. "Go away, Satan. For it is written, 'You are to worship the GS430, and serve him only". Erm... for now? (it's 10 weeks only in the current GS, for Our Lady Enodia's sake!) 😝 But proper LS like above, is a thing of beauty and perfection, no doubts... 😍
  13. Congratulations! (I don't need LS, I don't need LS, I don't need LS, I don't need LS, I don't need LS...) 😁
  14. I think for flags they use mini-poles on the fenders, same position as for extra mirrors in Japanese cabs. This single pole on the bumper is probably "parking marker" as above described. Or, much less probable, retractable aerial for special communication (com-link or CB type), typically for cab, limo, etc. IIRC Mitsubishi Electric offered some systems like this. BTW and maybe in same context (comm devices) - what are these pieces in passenger leg room area?