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  1. RX 400h were made and sold until 2009 I think - how can it be first reg. in June 2013? Are you talking about RX450h?
  2. Wondering the same. Event if I had many parts modded (but they are not affecting performance or safety of the car) and eventually got into an accident where they got damaged. Shouldn't insurance company just replace them with the original Lexus parts without questions asked?
  3. Glad you had it sorted out. And yes, Tony is a bit of character, but for the lower price compared to the dealerships I don't mind. He actually mentioned he had another same RX400h in today with the same problem when I called him to arrange an oil change :)
  4. The whole exhaust comes as one part and costs ~1000GBP. Hence no surprise that Lexus dealers charge ~1400GBP for the replacement job if you calculate in the time of mechanic required to fit it (~160GBP/hr).
  5. Just received the catalytic converter for RX400h - and that's what it looks like:
  6. I go to this guy in Brentford:, Tony is really helpful and the quote he gave ~60 pounds to fit the new catalyst. I actually do the oil change and did over there the bigger servicing jobs like spark plug change etc. So far happy with the service.
  7. I was trying to google for the above information without luck - do you have any links where I could read about the 2 catalytic converters in RX400h? EDIT: actually, after looking found the two other catalysts in the engine manifold diagram - from Still, would love to have some source for the 15% bit of emissions work. If the 15% bit is true, this brings me to the reasoning that I can skip replacing the stolen cat.converter avoiding the risk of repeated theft - at least for now or until the wave of thefts reduces. I have already ordered the 3rd-party one from, but thinking I will not fit it and will wait for the MOT and try passing MOT without it. If they fail it - then I'll fit it up for £30 pounds or so. For now a simple pipe will do.
  8. How long and how much effort do you think it takes to cut through those cables? Think of the tools bike thieves use. You'd never buy and use a bike lock with thin cables like that as it takes 5 seconds to cut through them.
  9. It better be something better than nothing for the extra 200-300 pounds. I am not sure if there are so many other car models with higher ground clearance and with easily accessible converters like RX SUV. And if that means 300 GBP profit for the thief, they'll memorize location and come back with extra tools.
  10. Catloc is not made of titanium or some exotic metal that one couldn't saw through - so it is just an extra hurdle which one can cut through anyway. Besides, if they see there is a catloc device fitted, they'll come later with extra tools required. Hence I am not sure catloc is really worthwhile... though correct me if I am wrong?
  11. Yeah, guess what - started my car today to the sound of a tractor! And the first thought instantly was that my cat converter is gone... I am based in W4 (Chiswick). Now have to figure out what's the best approach to getting a replacement one - and how to ensure it is not stolen again... And apparently there is an article on Guardian from 20th Sep about the widespread thefts of cat converters:
  12. Funny, no coincidence the mechanic who was replacing bushes for my RX was not a very happy chap either! He said he should have charged more as it took him 1.5hr longer with all that engine lifting etc.
  13. I have this black blob with a button and tiny red LED near gear shift - but I am not sure how it works - or when it should work. What does your's look like? I guess my front parking sensors have connectivity issues - randomly every few months they would suddenly start working, though the button itself has no effect at any time.
  14. I went through the same process since my car came only with a single key. After having lost it in a pub (and recovered after it was found) - I set on getting a spare key as I did not want the same stressful moments again. Lexus dealership prices for a new key I consider unjustified and hence decided to do it myself. If you have the Techstream already - it is only a matter of getting exactly the same type of transponder chip and getting a new housing+blade cut. Get your hands on Techstream software and OBD2 cable. Befriend someone working in a garage?:) Get the correct transponder chip. Open up your original key and compare with the chip you got off eBay. Do they look exactly the same and with the same code and same configuration of buttons? The code on the transponder is the firmware version of your ECU and has to match. if it does not - back to eBay. I went by the code on chip and configuration of buttons (i.e. 3 of them on mine) and paid attention to the style of inscribed labels to match chip of my original key. You're better off looking for a used key as long you're sure the chip inside is the one you need. The casing with the blade won't be useful as it will be for a different car anyway and can be discarded. Get a new key housing and the blade cut. Timpsons wanted to charge £35 for a housing + cutting. I paid £20 at some other key shop. Please note that very few key cutters will agree to cut a key if housing+blade is not provided by them - hence skip shopping for it on eBay. They say it is to provide a warranty or something. Mine's plastic housing has cracked after a year. Insert the transponder chip into the new housing. Register your key with your car's ECUs: Fire up Techstream, connect cable to the OBD2 port (located top of the driver's foot well, bottom of steering column). Insert your original key and get car into READY mode. Use Techstream menus (can't remember exact steps, dig around a bit) to register your key with two different ECUs: Immobiliser Alarm (door locking) system The Techstream software will guide you through the steps. Hope that's useful - I wish I knew all of the above before...
  15. The sound that would come after ~30 seconds and is normal. Someone said it is gas lines being purged. In the past I had presumed it was maybe some sort of immobilizer or hybrid system-specific mechanism locking down itself. Same discussions on here: and here: Cheers