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  1. Same thing happened to mine. Lexus Wolverhampton fitted a new clip for free whilst my car was in for a service. Before it was fixed I had to simultaneously pull the cord in the boot and press the fuel door with my other hand to open it.
  2. The Lexus extended warranty is not actually an insurance-based/underwritten warranty, but rather a manufacturer warranty: Lexus themselves collect the money paid by customers for their warranties and pay out for any claims. TWG are merely the administrators of the warranty. If you don't like a decision that TWG makes then you have to deal with Toyota UK.
  3. There is some good advice on the Financial Ombudsman website: "We generally consider that if insurers expect substantial "wear and tear" to occur within the period covered by the policy, they should not sell policies for that duration." Your claim in the small claims track of the county court would be against the dealer who (mis)sold you the warranty, rather than Lexus themselves. The only way to get them to change their mind is to publicly shame them..Twitter, Facebook, the motoring press...
  4. 'Lifetime' in car terms of course means 10 years or 100,000 miles maximum. Nothing is designed to last any longer than that. I had a quote from a Lexus main dealer for a CVT box oil change - was about £260 for parts plus labour if I remember correctly, although when it came to it they didn't change the oil as the service manager told me that the technician has dip-sticked the transmission oil and found no trace of metal particles.
  5. I'm not 100% sure if it applies to this model, but most car reviews tend to mention that cars bound for Europe have their suspension tuned by the manufacturer to 'European tastes' (e.g. firmer shocks/springs to give flatter handling). If you look at the RX400h dampers available at Rock Auto, you will often see that some of them are listed as for the American and Canadian market only. The RX450h ones Rock Auto have listed don't make any distinction, so perhaps Lexus have used the same dampers globally for this model. The Monroe Spectrum dampers which may give you a softer ride, but I think that you will struggle to find someone in the UK who has tried them themselves and who can tell you for sure.,2011,rx450h,3.5l+v6+electric/gas,1446887,suspension
  6. Well, it turned out it was the offside inner CV joint rubber seal that had gone. Got it fixed under the Lexus warranty, which was good. The cost at the main dealer would have been £206 to replace the rubber boot and clip if I was going to pay for it myself.
  7. I'm wondering whether to replace my 55-plate RX400h with a pre-face lift RX450 (I much prefer the pre-face lift car's looks and also the lower cost!). Did you notice any difference in the ride quality between your RX400h and the RX450h that you tried? I find my RX400h deals with smoother bumps very well, but sharper-edged road imperfections tend to send a shock through to the cabin. Is the RX450h any better in this regard?
  8. I got my local garage to fix it. I thought they would just put some large washers above the nuts to hold the shield in place, but they actually drilled some small holes and used plastic cable ties to secure the loose shield. Only charged me a fiver so I couldn't complain, and everything is still in place a year later.
  9. Thank you. Last time I had to get a national car magazine to help persuade Lexus to approve a warranty claim!
  10. Noticed some slight juddering on full lock at parking speeds recently. Took a look and saw some green gunk seeping out of the CV joint on the driver's side. Car has just passed 100K miles, 55 plate. Going in tomorrow for the Lexus dealership to have a look as still have 6 months or so remaining on the extended warranty. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem yet, and if so how much it cost to replace the CV joints. The service manager was very non-committal about whether they thought this would be covered under the warranty.
  11. As stated above, no RX400h's were available with air suspension, whatever trim level they were.
  12. They look like great value. Just a note, I think that the US and Canadian market RX's had softer suspension set-ups, so the struts from Rock Auto may have altered damping characteristics compared with the European market ones.
  13. There was no space for the air suspension parts in the RX 400h due to the hybrid battery (I think), so only the RX330/350 petrol models of the second generation RX were available with air suspension.
  14. Lexus dealers offer a fixed-price deal for older cars such as the RX400h. They charge £395 for rear shocks. Other than that, Rock Auto has Monroe struts at £74.55, and KYB struts for a bit less. They ship from the US, so you will have to add shipping and import costs.,2006,rx400h,3.3l+v6+electric/gas,1431837,suspension,strut,7584?