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  1. Good news that the history and car are all checking out. If your local chap wants to buy your current LS430 at a price you are both happy with, then I would go that route. I've been quoted a trade in price over the phone by a few dealers on previous cars and when I've turned up, they have ALWAYS kicked the tyres and then offered less than agreed over the phone. The size of the reduction in the trade in is usually commensurate to the distance I have travelled to see the dealers car! All the best with your purchase, let us know how it goes.
  2. Glad you were already aware. It's a fine looking example, enjoy.
  3. The Stellar Car company used to be Moses Gate Car Sales. They had a Lex I liked the look of but after I read this online (link below), I was put off even going to look at the car. They seem to have a very bad rep... I have no connection and of course, these bad reviews may just be fake from their competition.... but as RoyofRovers says, proceed with caution.
  4. Storage for 'First Aid Kit'... or whatever you want to put in there.
  5. My LS400 failed it's MOT on one each of these a month ago. 1 x Rear Upper Control arm (nearside) and 1 Rear Hub Assembly (offside). My Independent garage got a 'discount' from local Lex dealership, but the parts still came to £767.40 inc VAT (including a new wheel bearing). With fitting, came to £1035 😩 The rear hub assembly is a single unit with the bushes and the wheel bearing could not be separated from the hub, so a new one of those was needed! I was hoping to just get new bushes pressed in for the failed ones, but they said as the other bushes were nearly shot, it did not make sense. You might get these parts cheaper from Lexus Spares direct (Swindon), or from Japan (Amayama) or USA (Rockauto) but either way, it's not going to be cheap!
  6. The exhaust blow might be part of your EML problems... getting codes read may help. I got my ECU capacitors changed by a local electrical engineer... he knew his stuff. I supplied the capacitors. I think he operates a post and return service, his website says diesel, but he was happy to fix my LS ECU, might be worth contacting him as probably quicker and cheaper than LS Cowboy...
  7. Good that your replacement ECU mostly works. Only a thought, but maybe the capacitors in your replacement ECU need replacing?
  8. I've been buying car and leisure batteries from these chaps for a few years now, they always seem to have the best prices around that I can find. I just bought and fitted one for my LS400. I've put a Hankook in our Honda CRV as well, performing great after 3 years. Also had a conversation with an auto electrician who rated the Hankooks very highly.
  9. I saw this car online on the BCA (British car Auction) website a couple or so months ago. It caught my attention due to the full Lex history and low miles, and had it not been at their Kinross site which is 500 miles and an 8 hour drive away, I'd have been interested. Now to the current seller in Dundee, obviously a dealer from the spiel in the ad, the pro photos and the garage background. They probably picked this car up from BCA for relative peanuts. That they are trying to pretend to be a private seller makes me suspicious that they are trying to sell this without a dealer warranty and consumer protection. If that's the case, I'd walk away and avoid this one.
  10. You want the bargain so badly, you are willing to pay a deposit via paypal to secure it...sight unseen.