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  1. Yes, I was thinking that... there are often 'spoof' adverts on ebay for high end items that are objects of desire (the LS clearly fits that category ) that are basically fraudsters hoping you are so desperate to have the item at the 'bargain' price that you will send them payment/deposit in advance etc etc. I'm not saying that's the case here, just that I have seen it before when I was looking for an RX400h on ebay. The pictures and often the sellers ID get lifted from another genuine ad.
  2. Welcome aboard, I know your going to enjoy your ride.
  3. Mine also work without the key in or in the on position (Mk4 1998 LS400) so I'd assume that's normal, but it did take me by surprise the first time I discovered this. I wander what other circuits are permanently live. It can not help with battery drain down issues.
  4. I think that's some 'gaffer' or carpet tape, so probably a tear there.
  5. Yep, pretty much exactly my thoughts when I spotted this on ebay last night. The interior looks higher miles than 56k, and as you say, far from showroom condition with that exterior repair.
  6. Those bonnet stays arrived, I've fitted them and they seem good. Although less chunky than the originals, they are way more powerful. I had to re-use the original attachment nuts with ball ends and to get them out of the old units involved hack sawing the old cups in order to prize them apart enough to pry them out. So not totally starlight forward, but for just under £17 for the pair delivered... I'm happy. Thanks again Simon for the tip.
  7. Yep, I use replacement cut to length rubbers (slide into existing wiper), cheap from local car part store. My main bug bare is they ALL seem to squeak these days which is highly irritating on a long drive in the rain. Are expensive ones silent? if so I might have to bite the bullet.
  8. Here you go Pete
  9. I've ordered some bonnet struts, thanks for the info.
  10. Has the EML gone off? If it has and the car is running fine, I'd just wait and see if it comes back before proceeding down any expensive avenues.
  11. Malc, have you noticed any change in the driving experience after having this done. Did the new UCA's cause any vibration/wobble/steering probs after fitting?
  12. Stuart, like you I was planning on trying the soldering myself... but I bottled it before I even removed the ECU, mainly because I found that local repair chap and knew he was going to do a MUCH better job than me and I hoped he would not be too expensive. The name of the chap at is Neville. I should stress to both you Stuart and Andy, if you use his services, that Neville did not want to give me a quote until he had the ECU open and could assess damage/time required to replace the caps. So I would not necessarily bank on it being £40. Sad to hear that the replacement caps have not resolved your problem Stuart. I had a couple of incidents where the 'Check engine' light came on and car went in limp mode. Stopping and restarting car cleared it, so it seemed a bit random. So far, since the caps replacement, I have not had that problem again, but it's too early to really say for sure considering the infrequency of the problem.
  13. As it could be so many possibilities, I'd either purchase my own code reader or try and find a local indy garage or mobile auto electrician etc who will read the fault code for you... I know it'll cost a few quid, but it will give you a starting point, otherwise you are just shooting in the dark. They might clear the codes and light and job done if all is currently well.
  14. Just to add... you are right in as far as the chap that replaced the capacitors in my ECU told me I was lucky because there was no leakage or damage to the board. He said if there had been damage, then things get very time consuming and thus can get very expensive. So worth doing the ECU preemptively! Edit: Copy n paste error...that quote above is not from me, but from runsgrateasanut
  15. Luckily, because of your posts Stuart and others on the USA Lex forum, I was well prepped to find the hidden glovebox nut and then give it a good pull to remove it. I agree... I was nervous about buying those ECU caps kits on ebay as I was aware of there being fakes around from the USA thread, indeed, I started a thread on here asking if anyone knew about the seller or if it was a forum member etc, but no replies, so i guess no one knew. I took a punt anyway and bought a kit. The seller on ebay is also selling some Lexus diff oil and the other items they have for sale make me think they are genuine. So I purchased a second kit of ECU caps for a 98-2000 LS just in case I changed my LS for another in the future. The second kit of ECU caps came in a small bag with some 'Digi-key' labelling which gave me comfort as this is the recommended USA outlet for buying the caps from. Lastly... I watched the guy take my ECU apart and remove the first capacitor and clean up so he knew how long it was going to take him in order to give me a quote.... he said come back in an hour, which I did, he had just finished and he had the old removed capacitors to show me. He knew his stuff and he was proud to show me his special flux which you can not buy anymore. He's obviously been doing this kind of work for decades. This was the outfit I used