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  1. You want the bargain so badly, you are willing to pay a deposit via paypal to secure it...sight unseen.
  2. Scam confirmed... here is the same car for sale with a private seller on Autotrader for £10,500. I imagine this seller has no idea about his photos having been used in the ebay scam ad. New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&make=LEXUS&model=RX 400H&postcode=pl219da&page=1 and the ebay ad
  3. Glad you are enjoying your LS400.... as to the steering wheel shake.... unfortunately, if you do some searching on this forum, you will find that it's a common problem on the LS400 at a certain age/miles. Mine does the same between 60-70mph... but it does not always do it... some days it's barely noticeable, other days steering shake and vibration means I can hear stuff rattling in the glove box! I've had new tyres balance etc and it has not cured it, in-fact it made it slightly worse. I did not have this problem when I bought the car at 85k miles to when I sold it at 120k miles ... but I now have the same car back at 160k miles and the shake is there! The thing is, that it could be various components causing the shake from tyres, warped brake discs, drive train or worn suspension components... or a subtle combination of them all. If you have a nice LS400 that you plan to keep long term, then it will be worth spending money to slowly find the cause and eliminate the problem.
  4. It's a classified ad with a price of £4,885 for a 2009 RX400h with only 58,000 miles... a dealer would be asking between £10-12k for this car.
  5. Here is a very good example of what I can only assume is a scam ad on ebay... this car is thousands of pounds less than it should be
  6. Easy peesy. From memory, so may not be totally gospel... open boot, there are a couple of blanking plates either side of the lens that you prise off to reveal two screws, undo these and the lens can be eased off being careful with the lugs that will pop out as you pull the lens away. The bulb housing twists a half turn or so (if I remember correctly) to undo and pull it out from the lens. Pull out the bulb, and push in the new one and re-assemble.
  7. Here you go, I just put one in my 98 LS400 a couple of months ago.
  8. That makes sense, as for me, it doesn't look quite up to Lexus standard in terms of fit and finish...I'm not convinced it improves the look.
  9. I've not seen this amount of extra walnut on any other LS400's that I've seen. Maybe an import? Or a one off customer specification?
  10. Great to hear you have decided to stick with your LS400 and spend some dosh on improvements. I know from your recent posts you were on the verge of giving it up and changing your car. I hope the new suspension parts deliver that smoother ride, let us know how you get on. As you say, the LS pretty much deserves a 'what ever it takes' attitude to keeping it going.
  11. Yes, I was thinking that... there are often 'spoof' adverts on ebay for high end items that are objects of desire (the LS clearly fits that category ) that are basically fraudsters hoping you are so desperate to have the item at the 'bargain' price that you will send them payment/deposit in advance etc etc. I'm not saying that's the case here, just that I have seen it before when I was looking for an RX400h on ebay. The pictures and often the sellers ID get lifted from another genuine ad.
  12. Mine also work without the key in or in the on position (Mk4 1998 LS400) so I'd assume that's normal, but it did take me by surprise the first time I discovered this. I wander what other circuits are permanently live. It can not help with battery drain down issues.
  13. I think that's some 'gaffer' or carpet tape, so probably a tear there.