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  1. C Mclean

    Living with my NX

    Been using Lexus Edinburgh for the last 4 years and they have been very good at all times.
  2. C Mclean

    Service cost

    According to the Lexus UK site, https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/, it’s £265. beaten by 20 seconds....
  3. Fuse box in also under the dash in the passenger footwell. Need to be good at limbo dancing..
  4. Noisy creaking brakes, seems to be normal as I’ve had on my NX and RX. PDI left the 12v battery terminal loose. Dealer fault.
  5. C Mclean

    New NX Proposed purchase.

    I would say, go with your own impressions and opinions from forum members rather that “professional” reviewers who have a couple of hours with the cars and look for something that will grab readers attention. Had an NX LUX for a couple of years but blackmailed the wife to get an RX. : ).
  6. C Mclean

    Customer Service

    They move them back to see if they can find any loose change..
  7. C Mclean

    New car

    Honest John motoring site is passionate about left foot braking. But in my case it’s the worst thing I could do. After driving since the late sixties on motorbikes, crash gearboxes, splitter, range change and even pre select gearboxes, the last thing I do is relearn driving to left foot brake.
  8. C Mclean

    IS300h Braking Noise

    Had the noise on my IS, NX and RX !!. Greasing the pads and pins, cleaning the discs don’t make a difference, the noise comes back within a few days. I now treat it as the cars is straining at the bit and desperate to gallop of down the road like the thoroughbred it is...
  9. Same with me, I’ll get round to it when I can be arsed...
  10. C Mclean

    Lexus300h nx

    Not brilliant as Rayaans says. Popped out to get a paper this morning and the system was indicating 80mph by the time I got to the end of the street which is a 20 mph limit.
  11. Done it on a JEEP I had a few years back. Rub down with 600 grade and a quick respray with satin black. Looked fine and lasted a few years until I sold it.
  12. Just using the premium grade from COSTCO, cheaper than anyone else locally.
  13. C Mclean

    Tailgate beep

    There might be a way to change the volume like the RX, but I’m not sure if it can be done on the NX. Unless someone else knows, it’s a case of trawling thru the menus.
  14. C Mclean

    RX450 - MPG

    I’m getting around 38mpg in mostly urban and a few dual carriageways during the first 1000 miles. Quite happy with that as it’s the same as what my NX was doing.