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  1. I would imagine that it’s a rheostat for the wiper speed. More than likely the cause of your wipers going on strike.
  2. Well I’ve tried moving the clamps and dampers from the front of the main exhaust pipe, to the centre and then to the rear just before the silencer. The only result was a change in the vibration frequency, seemed to lower it a bit, but it still happened around the 1150-1200rpm mark. So it looks as though I’ll have to live with it until it’s time to change to something else.
  3. As others have said, watch out for the seating position and comfort. I found that if I set the seat correctly for my legs, I couldn’t get comfortable with the steering wheel position, just wanted it an inch or two closer to me.
  4. I have the Rev counter showing all the time, but there is an EV light that comes on when running purely on electric.
  5. Eventually got the exhaust dampers fitted, now just need to see if they make any difference.
  6. ⚒️ But you would only be able to do it once..
  7. Wouldn’t touch it until they changed the number plate screws to black ones.
  8. Got a vibration/resonance at 1150 to 1200 rpm. Not cured it yet, but I’ll either get to the bottom of it or tolerate it until it’s time to change. There are two posts on the forum about this kind of fault.
  9. Short update on this problem. Took it into Lexus and gave them a short test drive/demonstration. They weren’t convinced there was much of a problem and I also had a run in another RX to compare things, not much difference so left it at that. Also asked if there was a “maintenance mode” so you could rev the engine without it being in gear and was told no. Still annoying the poop out of me so I started trawling the internet for any info on this apart from Stringbender’s report and surprise surprise. There is a maintenance mode, but the throttle response is pretty poor so it’s difficult to keep the revs stable. Also in the USA there are some reports of vibration and resonance on some RX models, but mainly 350 models. Anyway I’ve found there has been exhaust dampers fitted to some older models. Toyota Part No: 17581-31010 Damper, Exhaust Pipe I also discovered that if you start the car, engine warmed up, select drive then reapply the parking brake, you can increase the revs to the point of vibration. Back to Lexus again and spoke to their Master Technician and showed him the “maintenance mode” which he did know about, demonstrated the problem by increasing revs while in gear and parking brake on, but he didn’t think it was a significant problem. Tried the same thing with another RX and it wasn’t as bad as mine. Mentioned about the Exhaust Dampers and he did say they were fitted to some older models, but they did have a tendency to cause cracks in the exhaust pipes as the cars got older and the pipes got rustier. Next plan of action is to source a couple of these dampers and see how it goes, if no real difference it’ll be bye bye RX and see what else is available.
  10. Can log in using a phone, iPad or PC and see all the cars details, but getting the car to connect is impossible. Tried deleting the car and refreshing all my details including my hat size, but still no go. Just given up now.
  11. Alan, had a good read thru your troubles and yes, it does sound very similar to mine. I think I’ll have a dig around underneath nice and see what I can play with. Thanks for the heads up on this problem.
  12. Got a really annoying mid range vibration coming thru the steering wheel and pedals. Happens when the revs are between 1150 and 1200 at any road speed and you can slightly hear a droning noise as well. Increase the engine speed and it settles down. Drop the power requirement so the engine stops and the vibration stops. It’s mostly noticeable cruising around 30 - 50mph on a light throttle. Not being caused by the wheels or tyres as it’s not road speed dependant. Though it might be power steering pump, but crossed that out as the steering assistance is electric. AC compressor switched on or off makes no difference. Checked for fault codes, none found Mentioned it when the car was serviced a few month back, no fault noted Had it into Lexus a few days ago and the Tech could notice it slightly, but thought it could be happening just as the engine was powering down/ stopping charging the batteries. I have found a way to replicate the vibration, so I’ll check with Lexus again, but would be interested if anyone else has noticed anything with their car. With the engine already warmed up. Car stopped, gear lever into drive, apply parking brake, slowly press accelerator until revs reach 1150 to 1200 and see if anything can be felt thru the wheel and pedals. Please note the the car may try to creep forward very slightly and the back end will drop an inch or two. Thanks in advance for any input.