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  1. Makes a change from the usual “we’re calling about your recent accident” I usually tell them to phone back later as I’m not due to have it until tomorrow. A few seconds later the phone goes dead.
  2. I’ve just given up on the connected services.
  3. I’m with DL and at the last renewal they bumped up the cost by a couple of hundred. Checked a comparison site and then told them what I could get insurance for, they matched it without any discussion.
  4. 32 to 34 in winter and it ramps up to about 36 to 37 in summer, Woo Hoo !!!
  5. Could this be classed as poetic justice. Catalytic converter thief crushed to death by car by PAUL MILES Police probe: The scene at Marshgate Industrial Estate PICTURES: SWNS A WOULD-be thief was crushed to death when a car fell on him as he tried to steal its catalytic converter. Gary Gray, 38, died after the jack holding up the Vauxhall Astra came loose — causing the full weight of the vehicle to slam down and suffocate him. An inquest heard that he had been attempting to steal a part of the car's exhaust after breaking in after hours, which could then be sold on for around £60. A backpack containing a spanner and cooking oil and a lit torch were also next to the body, with a cutting tool still attached to the blue vehicle. Death: A fire engine on scene at the car garage where Gary Gray died after being crushed by a car A police investigation determined the incident was non-suspicious and a coroner concluded that the death was accidental. The grisly discovery was made by an employee of JB Autos in Swindon, Wiltshire, as he opened up for work on November 15 last year. Vilfredo Fernandes had also shut up the property the night before and told the inquest that it was empty then. He said in a statement: 'Prior to finishing, I locked up the compounds, making sure that there were no customers around. 'The next day, I arrived around 8am and I could see a pair of legs on the floor sticking out from under a car which had a black car-jack near the front wheel. 'I called my boss, told him what happened, and he told me to call an ambulance.' Paramedics then arrived and pronounced Mr Gray dead at the scene. James Brown, manager of JB Autos, suggested that this was not the first time someone had tried to sneak into the garage compound, located on an industrial estate. He said in a statement: 'Over the years I have had a number of thefts, so I keep the vehicles unlocked to stop people damaging them and smashing the windows before they realise there's nothing valuable inside them. 'The vehicles are left in gear with the handbrake off to stop the brakes seizing.' It is believed that this caused the car to move while Mr Gray was fiddling with the Vauxhall's underside with fatal consequences.
  6. You don’t have to pay £40 for the Lexus parts, just check out Amazon and you’ll find rolls of 3M film much much cheaper and you’ll be able to make your own. https://www.amazon.co.uk/3M-Paint-protection-mm-Clear-8591E/dp/B0017SBH10/ref=sr_1_6?crid=31MKZSL5427IR&keywords=3m+film+paint+protection&qid=1580054810&sprefix=3M+film%2Caps%2C149&sr=8-6
  7. I would imagine that it’s a rheostat for the wiper speed. More than likely the cause of your wipers going on strike.
  8. Well I’ve tried moving the clamps and dampers from the front of the main exhaust pipe, to the centre and then to the rear just before the silencer. The only result was a change in the vibration frequency, seemed to lower it a bit, but it still happened around the 1150-1200rpm mark. So it looks as though I’ll have to live with it until it’s time to change to something else.
  9. As others have said, watch out for the seating position and comfort. I found that if I set the seat correctly for my legs, I couldn’t get comfortable with the steering wheel position, just wanted it an inch or two closer to me.
  10. I have the Rev counter showing all the time, but there is an EV light that comes on when running purely on electric.
  11. Eventually got the exhaust dampers fitted, now just need to see if they make any difference.
  12. ⚒️ But you would only be able to do it once..