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  1. C Mclean

    12v battery location

    Battery in under the interior trim in the boot, L/H side if I remember correctly. Yes, there is a fuse box under the glovebox in the passengers footwell area where you can tap into a power supply, both permanently live and ignition controlled. You have to be good at limbo dancing to get a good view of the fuse box.
  2. C Mclean

    NX Tyres

    Had 4 cross climates fitted to my sons GT-86 today. Worked fine getting out of the snow covered car park and didn’t feel like the Primacy skis, but later on and twice as much snow it couldn’t get out the driveway. I’ll probably fit them to my NX for next winter.
  3. C Mclean

    Extra service items

    If the A/C needs re-gassing and the engine oil system needs a clean out, then there is something seriously wrong with your car and I’d be taking it up with Lexus U.K. Did they make any mention of a freebie KY jelly or Vaseline??
  4. C Mclean

    Sticking hand brake.

    Probably rust on the discs causing the pads to stick to them. The discs can have a slight coating of rust develop very quickly, especially noticeable when washing the car. More Han likely nothing to worry about, but have them checked over to be on the safe side.
  5. C Mclean

    Fitting a Dashcam in an NX

    Just slipped the front to rear cable up behind the trim on the A pillar and along the edge of the headlining once the door rubbers have been pulled back slightly and then through one of the convoluted tubes leading from the body to tailgate. The only thing visible is an inch or two of cable at the front and rear cameras.
  6. Can’t remember which fuse I used as a feed but it was one for the IGN-ECU which was live only when the ignition was on. If you look at some the screws for an Earth, there are ones that go thru plastic fittings but do screw thru into metal
  7. C Mclean

    Wing mirrors stopped working

    Figured out why the wing mirrors won’t fold in....It because they’re door mirrors ...
  8. Toyota oil is fine as long as the grade is correct. 0W-20 seems to be the preferred grade for the engine.
  9. C Mclean

    NX side-steps

    Nice wheels, they go well with the grey..
  10. Door edge protectors are simple to fit, they come with instructions for the position and all you need is a rubber/plastic hammer. Fitted them on both my IS and NX.
  11. C Mclean

    Flasher adjustment

    Couldn’t figure it out so had the dealer do it at service time..
  12. C Mclean

    Rear Screen Demister

    Yup, they’re antennas.
  13. When is a Sale not a sale ?? When it’s a SAIL ..🤪
  14. C Mclean

    Side Protectors

    I also fitted door edge protectors, came colour codes and you just tap them on with a rubber mallet. One pic of my NX and one of the door edges from my IS.
  15. C Mclean

    Side Protectors

    Done it on mine as soon as it arrived, couple of tins from Halfords made to the correct colour, primer and clear coat. As you say, it breaks up the slab sides. I also done the same with my IS300h, but that time sourced them ready painted from the U.S.