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  1. Well we’ll just have to have a different outlook on this matter, but I’m going with decades in and around vehicle maintenance in multiple countries throughout the world. But remember, letters after your name doesn’t mean that your the brightest bulb in the fitting, just look at the political spectrum. 🤪🤪
  2. If that’s the case, then why do many pad/shoe manufacturers supply small sachets of copper based lubricant with pad/shoe kits. The motor trade in general has been using copper based grease for decades and continue to do so. If there was an issue with this, then surely the public, vehicle manufacturers and various government bodies would object just in case legal vultures got involved. As far as it goes with calliper slide pins, yes, the red grease is the correct one to use.
  3. Anyone who fills up with fuel must have money to burn 🤪😜🤡
  4. I’d only wire it to a permanent feed if a power magic pro was installed as well. That way it will cut power when the battery gets to a pre determined level so you don’t flatten it. Used one for several years now on three different cars and never had a problem.
  5. Done the same thing when I had my IS including the body side mouldings, mine was also the same colour as yours.
  6. Last year with Direct Line I paid £650 and it went up to £680 this year with £250 compulsory excess. Done a price comparison online and it came up with £410 with a £400 excess with Debenhams. Phoned up Direct Line and they immediately matched the comparison price without any problem and still have the guaranteed hire car, legal cover etc.
  7. Probably a fault with the engine rather than the gearbox. If it was a gearbox fault, then the revs would rise without the car moving. Maybe have a look at the signal from the accelerator pedal to the engine throttle body. Not sure if a generic OBD scanner will be able to show the voltage change as the pedal is pressed.
  8. Looks as though it’s only in the paper copy so far.
  9. Well I must say that just scanning the highlights my gast has well and truly been flabbered. Lexus UX 1st place with 4 stars and BMW X2 2nd place with 3.5 stars. But then again, did I not read something about the BMW being a mix with another manufacturer.
  10. Here you go, have a look at this post and see if this way of changing the plugs is relevant to your model.
  11. Did someone not post something about taking off some the bulkhead panelling to get access to the back three plugs. Might be worth a search.
  12. Might have been a diesel cleaning out it’s poop pipe..
  13. As said above, take a really long test with it and make your own mind up about the CVT. Try to ignore all the “professional” reviewers who can’t accept that Lexus is not following the pack.
  14. Make sure that your AC isn’t stuck on recirculate.