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  1. C Mclean

    Lexus300h nx

    Not brilliant as Rayaans says. Popped out to get a paper this morning and the system was indicating 80mph by the time I got to the end of the street which is a 20 mph limit.
  2. Done it on a JEEP I had a few years back. Rub down with 600 grade and a quick respray with satin black. Looked fine and lasted a few years until I sold it.
  3. Just using the premium grade from COSTCO, cheaper than anyone else locally.
  4. C Mclean

    Tailgate beep

    There might be a way to change the volume like the RX, but I’m not sure if it can be done on the NX. Unless someone else knows, it’s a case of trawling thru the menus.
  5. C Mclean

    RX450 - MPG

    I’m getting around 38mpg in mostly urban and a few dual carriageways during the first 1000 miles. Quite happy with that as it’s the same as what my NX was doing.
  6. C Mclean

    CV Boots

    They’d only replace it if it was split and leaking grease.
  7. C Mclean

    Interior squeak - rear of car

    Drove me nuts with adding bits of foam padding to everywhere in the boot until I stumbled across the boot mat rubbing on the tailgate.
  8. C Mclean

    Interior squeak - rear of car

    If you have the Lexus boot mat, then that can squeak on the tailgate.
  9. C Mclean

    Help Required (IS300H)

    O.K. Can anyone pronounce the name of the seller ??
  10. Try some of the USA dealers like this one, maybe cheaper inc shipping. “belllexusnorthscottsdale”
  11. Not seen or heard anything like this, but I’ll keep trawling.
  12. So I nipped down to Lexus Stockport on Friday, feeling a bit apprehensive seeing it was Friday 13th, but no dramas. All done and dusted quite quickly with the help of Adrian from the sales dept. Had a nice relaxing journey back home except it started to rain for a while and as a result I was instructed to get the car washed, can’t have it sitting in the drive all dirty, can I ?. I’ve read the manuals etc, but have a couple of questions that need answering, so hopefully someone will know what to do. 1: Is there any way to stop the radio station details showing at the top of the screen every 20 seconds. 2: Can you stop the Satnav menu showing up every time you switch on. All in all, delighted with the new purchase.
  13. It’s the Sport, not “F”, basically the same as the Luxury but with black bits instead of chrome. I think the Sport was released fairly recently.
  14. Yes, Lexus Stockport. Liked my IS, but needed something a bit easier to get in and out of, so went for the NX. Found that although the NX is very nice, I just couldn’t gel with it, minor things such as another 2” of adjustment on the steering wheel would have made a big difference to me. Now to get acquainted with the big boy.. Have been advised by the boss that this ones a keeper, or else !!