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  1. Fitted them when I had a 2016 NX, easy enough to do. Turn the front wheels to full lock to give you clearance for the screws and clips. For the rears, it easier to Jack the car up a bit to give you more space. You’ll need a small dump screwdriver if I remember correctly.
  2. It could be the “connected services” stuff for receiving sat nav and other stuff. I keep getting a similar message every few minutes even though I have tried deleting and re entering my log in and password. As I’ve mentioned in another post, it could be that the car is trying to log into Lexus.eu which has now been closed. Think it should be the Lexus.uk site.
  3. Been having problems with Connected Services for a while now. Constantly getting the message that it’s not available, please log in. Tried deleting my username and password and then re-entering them, but still can’t connect. Just wondering if the system is trying to log into the Lexus EU site which is now closed. The main question is does anyone know how to sort this, or stop the annoying message popping up. Either one will do.
  4. Also check and make sure the ventilation it isn’t stuck on recirculate.
  5. I don’t bother about the clock, just have a look at my watch when I’m turning right....
  6. Could be worse, if they fitted a sun dial it’d get confused on a roundabout....
  7. Can’t wait to see what the new full electric model is like.
  8. Jumped into the car today and it looks as though the PAX front window was open very slightly. Up pops a message on the dash asking if I want to open or close the window. First time I’ve seen that one.
  9. There should be a setting somewhere, but can’t think of it at the moment. I have mine set showing the radio on the main part and sat nav on the small section on the right of the screen. It always starts up showing the warning about sat nav, and then changes after a couple of seconds to my usual settings.
  10. Roger, they are still called anti roll bars, but then again I’m an old fart from the last century.🤭🤭
  11. Well we’ll just have to have a different outlook on this matter, but I’m going with decades in and around vehicle maintenance in multiple countries throughout the world. But remember, letters after your name doesn’t mean that your the brightest bulb in the fitting, just look at the political spectrum. 🤪🤪
  12. If that’s the case, then why do many pad/shoe manufacturers supply small sachets of copper based lubricant with pad/shoe kits. The motor trade in general has been using copper based grease for decades and continue to do so. If there was an issue with this, then surely the public, vehicle manufacturers and various government bodies would object just in case legal vultures got involved. As far as it goes with calliper slide pins, yes, the red grease is the correct one to use.
  13. Anyone who fills up with fuel must have money to burn 🤪😜🤡