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  1. click on the dealer discounts box and it opens a list of dealerships and the discounts.
  2. Check out the “Gold members - discounts” tab at the top of the page and it shows which dealers and what discount they give.
  3. Using main dealer, Lexus Edinburgh who gives the discount as above. 2018 RX450h and managed 13,000 miles so far. Final price was £437.
  4. I’d start looking for an independent garage that has experience of Lexus.
  5. Dug out the paperwork for the last renewal and it’s dated Nov 2019, better start looking for the latest card. Thanks Barry.
  6. Car booked in for its second service next week and I just wanted to check my LOC membership to obtain the discount. Membership card has Nov 2019 date sticker on the back but I’m unsure if this is the issue date or the expiry date. Can anyone confirm which one it is as any discount from £520 is very welcome to my wallet.
  7. They probably will have a “mechanical “ sensor on the pads, just a little tab which rubs on the disc when the pads getting low. You’ll hear a squealing noise when this happens.
  8. Remember to pump the the brake pedal before you move the car. This will get the callipers/pads back into the correct setting, but importantly only pump the pedal with very short presses as you don’t want to trigger the valve which splits the braking system front to rear.
  9. Makes a change from the usual “we’re calling about your recent accident” I usually tell them to phone back later as I’m not due to have it until tomorrow. A few seconds later the phone goes dead.
  10. I’ve just given up on the connected services.
  11. I’m with DL and at the last renewal they bumped up the cost by a couple of hundred. Checked a comparison site and then told them what I could get insurance for, they matched it without any discussion.
  12. 32 to 34 in winter and it ramps up to about 36 to 37 in summer, Woo Hoo !!!